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22 mája, 2023

When our customers have a basic knowledge in spring technology, it delivers a more cost-effective and accurate spring solution for them. Our Finnish company recently hosted a spring training day in Estonia which was a ’win, win’ for all.

9 mája, 2023

Collaborating with Polestar, the electric performance car company, Lesjöfors has designed and developed the pioneering suspension springs on the Polestar 2 BST edition 270 – the limited-edition performance car created to push the boundaries of electric performance.

3 apríla, 2023

Lesjöfors has today signed an agreement to acquire the shares in Tollman Spring Company. inc., a US spring manufacturer. Through the transaction, Lesjöfors further strengthens its US presence following the acquisitions of John Evans’ Sons and Plymouth.

3 apríla, 2023

If your application requires high forces but the space for deflections is relatively small, wave springs are very often the best – and sometimes the only – alternative. Speaking examples are roller bearings and sealings between a housing and a rotating shaft.

6 marca, 2023

In the US, almost every American house has a garage. Therefore, the market for residential overhead garage doors is enormous in this continent. Together with an increasing demand for overhead doors from the industrial building sector, the American door spring market is about four times larger than in Europe, an opportunity where Alcomex, part of the Lesjöfors Group, is making the most.

6 februára, 2023

First week of February, Lesjöfors exhibited for the first time at Pharmapack in Paris, the world-leading exhibition for the drug delivery devices industry.

4 januára, 2023

Lesjöfors, via Alcomex, has today signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares in Amatec B.V., a Dutch spring distributor. With the acquisition, Alcomex, and the Lesjöfors group, strengthens the distribution capabilities of stock springs, in line with its ambition to build the leading spring, wire and flat strip component group.


22 decembra, 2022

Overall, we can sum up a good year for our group, despite geopolitical disturbances due to the tragic war in Ukraine and challenges in the supply chains. We benefit from the fact that Lesjöfors is solid and robust. Even though we had to close our profitable operation in Russia, the group is doing well and we will reach the goals set for the year.

12 decembra, 2022

Lesjöfors is a frequent exhibitor with great results from meetings at exhibition floors. The top Scandinavian industrial event Elmia Subcontractor and Valve World Expo in Düsseldorf in Mid-November were both very successful.

24 novembra, 2022

Springs are vital for the perceived quality of a sectional overhead garage door. If door springs are not well balanced, the door does not run smoothly. Spring technology is a complex part of the sectional overhead garage door and a mix of factors determine the life span, quality and functioning of a spring.

24 októbra, 2022

One of Lesjöfors’ core markets is growing rapidly – the global medical devices market. Reports show that the market is expanding worldwide. Lesjöfors is a qualified supplier of components to the sector and can meet the high demands of hygiene and quality.

3 októbra, 2022

In many of our Lesjöfors companies, we use apprenticeships as a strategic way to introduce, train and keep the most suitable staff for the future. In the UK, European Springs & Pressings has just on-boarded five new apprentices in an extensive program.

22 septembra, 2022

Heavy loads put additional pressure on vehicle suspension. This can cause a range of issues, such as reduced brake efficiency, tyre wear and difficulty in steering. It also leads to additional costs, which we have hugely reduced thanks to our new Lesjöfors suspension spring design.

14 septembra, 2022

Today Lesjöfors has signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares in Telform, a Turkish spring manufacturer. With the transaction, Lesjöfors expands its production footprint, in line with its ambition to build the leading spring, wire and flat strip component group.

28 júna, 2022

Lesjöfors, part of the Beijer Alma group, has today signed an agreement to acquire the assets and operations of John Evans’ Sons INC, a leading US spring manufacturer. With the acquisition, Lesjöfors strengthens its US presence and significantly increases its sales to the medical industry, in line with its ambition to build the leading spring, wire and flat strip component group.

13 júna, 2022

Fishing is both a profession, a hobby and a sport all over the world. Practitioners are often very careful about choosing the right equipment and fishing luck is said to vary based on the gear. Lesjöfors has recently had the honor of designing a small but important wire form for a completely new product line of fishing lures.

2 júna, 2022

Springs perfectly customized for elite gymnastics spring floors is one of the latest development projects for our UK based subsidiary Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK.

9 mája, 2022

Anuga FoodTec in Cologne is the most important source of impetus for the international food and beverage industry. As the world’s most important supplier fair, it covers all aspects of food production and after two years of pandemic, the hotspot was back in business the last week of April. Lesjöfors’ experts of metal conveyor belts for the food industry were there.

5 mája, 2022

We have the pleasure to announce an exciting customer case – a zero emission snowmobile. MoonBikes approached our Dutch subsidiary Alcomex for a customized spring, which later led to a wider cooperation including suspension springs.

21 apríla, 2022

Breaking all records, subsidiary Lesjöfors Fjädrar in Sweden recently installed the largest model ever made of Wafios wire coiling machinery.

4 apríla, 2022

Major world crisis affect us all in one way or another, this also applies to Lesjöfors‘ operations for obvious reasons. Despite the pandemic and current state of war, we are still well equipped to continue our growth journey. Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjöfors group, gives his view on the market situation.

28 marca, 2022

There is a lot going on in the industrial sector to increase productivity in a more sustainable way and to reduce vulnerability in the global supply chains. One of many projects within our group is a fully automated packaging process in Germany.

17 marca, 2022

The Lesjöfors group expands business to a new European market – Spain. Our Dutch company Alcomex is taking on the challenge to introduce our superior range of industrial springs and door springs to the Iberian market.

10 marca, 2022

Let us introduce our newest company in the Lesjöfors group – Plymouth Spring. A highly skilled US manufacturer of springs, stampings, wire forms and precision pins.

7 marca, 2022

The situation in Ukraine is a human tragedy. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by this humanitarian crisis. The Lesjöfors Group has decided to pause all operations in Russia until further notice.

24 februára, 2022

To accelerate sustainability implementation, the Lesjöfors Group has recruited a Head of Sustainability. Anna Haesert is well experienced from several Swedish industrial companies. Reviewing the entire value chain, from purchasing to the final products, is one of the prioritized areas.

3 februára, 2022

Lesjöfors is launching a new company, rebranding its two former European Springs & Pressings factories in Cornwall. The factories will now form a new company called Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK.


16 decembra, 2021

Lesjöfors outperforms in 2021, a fact which I am very happy and proud of. Once again, we have the pleasure of talking about a „record year“ with both results and sales at higher levels than ever before.

10 decembra, 2021

Lesjöfors has acquired the assets and operations of Plymouth Spring Company, Inc., a US-based manufacturer of industrial springs. The acquisition is another step in Lesjöfors’s ambition to consolidate the industrial springs market and marks an expansion in the US market where it sees potential for further growth, both organic and through M

6 decembra, 2021

In November, the Lesjöfors brand won the World Automotive Component WAC (Russia MAK) 2021 award for “contribution to the development of the automotive components industry”.

18 októbra, 2021

Being at the forefront of the current technological revolution is key to our group’s success. Lesjöfors continues to invest and advance how we manufacture to prepare for the industry’s future. A new Bruderer machine in the UK is one step in this direction.

17 septembra, 2021

Lesjöfors’ gas springs business is expanding worldwide. The reasons for this are related to new sales channels and reliable deliveries as well as recovery from last year’s dip in demand caused by corona restrictions. Customers appreciate the high service level greatly.

8 septembra, 2021

Major new business with a manufacturer of electric cars is the outcome from a successful cooperation within the Lesjöfors Group. Extensive synergy opportunities provide manufacture and supply worldwide.

24 augusta, 2021

Lesjöfors‘ product range is growing continuously. We can now also offer traction gas springs that provide immediate power and high safety in applications that require a controlled closing. The products are available both in the standard range and as well as custom-made adapted to individual requirements.

29 júla, 2021

Lesjöfors has today entered into an agreement to divest 100 percent of its shares in S&P Federnwerk GmbH.

28 júla, 2021

Lesjöfors has today acquired 88 percent of the shares in the Alcomex Group. With the transaction, Lesjöfors gains access to new geographies and a new product area, in line with its ambition to build the leading spring, wire and flat strip component group.

24 júna, 2021

Do you remember this time last year? The situation was completely different; we were in the middle of a sharp decline and the worries for the future and how the pandemic would develop was in all of our minds. One year later, mass vaccinations of the population worldwide are taking place and the economy has reversed.

24 júna, 2021

Metrol Springs is one of the newest members of the Lesjöfors family. With large investments in new machinery and greater access to an expansive global market, the future looks bright for the British gas spring experts.

3 júna, 2021

The German Lesjöfors company Velleuer has after years of increasing business volumes decided to expand their facilities with a new building. Thanks to the larger space there will be more room for automated processes and logistics.

4 mája, 2021

The Lesjöfors companies keep working on their sustainability objectives, where lower CO2 emissions are one focus area. Velleuer in Germany is a good example of how a transition to a green energy mix can lower emissions by more than half, fast and easy.

22 apríla, 2021

It´s springtime = time to jump around! With a new outdoor season just around the corner, the timing for a story about trampoline springs could not be better. Lesjöfors customized tension springs for trampolines have contributed to making North Trampoline’s Performer a success.

30 marca, 2021

Once again, springs from Lesjöfors play a critical role in a progressive student project. The Hyperloop concept will bring super-fast, fossil-free transportation of both people and goods. A group of technical students in Sweden is competing in global events to develop the groundbreaking technology.

25 marca, 2021

On April 1, the subsidiary Lesjöfors Fjädrar in Mid-Sweden will shift to biogas, which is a fossil-free energy source. The green transition will reduce the company’s carbon dioxide emissions by 70-90 per cent.

25 februára, 2021

The Lesjöfors company in Herrljunga, Sweden, has taken a new, exciting approach to be at the forefront of spring development. Here, the group has established a test lab for materials and springs.

18 februára, 2021

2020 was a difficult year in many aspects but there are also positive things happening. One example of this is a safety award that Lesjöfors China received from the local government, Xinqiao in Changzhou. The Xinqiao administration chose to award Lesjö

3 februára, 2021

Since Mid-December 2020, a solar cell plant that covers 5,000 square meters of the rooftop of Lesjöfors Banddetaljer´s production facility in Värnamo is in operation. The solar cells are estimated to produce about 25 per cent of the plant’s annual elec

22 januára, 2021

The Siegenia Group in Germany has appointed the Lesjöfors company Velleuer “Supplier of the year”. A truly prestigious award based on a partnership with high-quality products and reliable supply. Siegenia is a German manufacturer with worldwide presenc


18 decembra, 2020

I probably do not need to repeat this, but 2020 really stands out as an extraordinary year. In times, it has been extremely tough, but our group is equipped to cope with adversity. This year, more than ever, we have shown that our stability is an unbea

14 decembra, 2020

One of the world’s leading suppliers of applications for stabilizing buildings in earthquake areas has its base in the south-west of England. Lesjöfors delivers springs with critical functions to the company’s joint solutions. Who would have thought, t

3 decembra, 2020

The start was a bit slow. Then the brakes were hit hard as things went down the ditch. Next, back on track, there was a steady re-start followed swiftly by rapid acceleration to full speed, eventually followed by a gradual return to normal. Are we refe

26 novembra, 2020

The Lesjöfors company Stumpp + Schüle, with sites in Germany and Slovakia, has made important decisions for the future orientation of the company by further investments in the Slovakian site and in new software tools. Despite the major challenges that

30 septembra, 2020

A new spot welding machine has brought many advantages to the Latvian factory. Manual tasks have been reduced and the machine can weld up to six spots on the same surface at a time, which gives a multi doubling of the efficiency.

8 septembra, 2020

In Latvia, a new manufacturing plant is in full swing since April and is already exceeding everyone’s expectations. The well-planned, highly sustainable facility is optimized not only for a streamlined production, but also for a healthy work environment.

17 augusta, 2020

In July 2020, the US company Purdy Engineering contacted John While Solutions in Singapore to develop and manufacture volute springs for a space vessel. The smooth spring development process resulted in a satisfied customer and high-performance springs in space.

15 júna, 2020

Vzhľadom k covid19 šírenie, dopyt po zdravotníckom zariadení je veľmi vysoká po celom svete. Firma Lesjöfors John While Solutions v Singapure získala veľkú objednávku drôteného formulára s dôležitou funkciou v zariadeniach na záchranu života. Systém zd

22 mája, 2020

Holandská firma Lesjöfors Tribelt sa špecializuje na výrobu kovových dopravníkových pásov. Hlavnou podnikateľskou oblasťou je potravinársky proces. Jeden zákazník prípad je globálna potravinárska spoločnosť McCain, kde Tribelt pásy uľahčujú ich európsku výrobu.


Elektrické pružiny sa najčastejšie používajú na zasunutie kábla, kábla, hadice alebo popruhu okolo cievky; alebo riadiť mechanické zariadenie. Elektrické pružiny nájdete v mnohých každodenných aplikáciách; napríklad navíjač bezpečnostného pásu v aute, štartér pre kosačku na trávu, navíjač kábla na vysávači, žalúziu vo vašom dome, zaťahovací vodítko pre psa, mechanické hodiny, meter, alebo dokonca zdravotnícke zariadenie na dodávku drog.

14 apríla, 2020

Niekoľko spoločností v rámci skupiny Lesjöfors má dlhoročné skúsenosti s dodávkami zdravotníckeho priemyslu. Chceli by sme predstaviť niekoľko príkladov jarných výrobkov špeciálne vyrobených pre toto odvetvie v súčasnom záujme.

31 marca, 2020

Niekoľko spoločností postihnutých dôsledkami z coronavirus kontaktovali Lesjöfors. Vzhľadom k tom, že máme výrobu na mnohých miestach po celom svete, sme vyriešili problémy s dodaním rýchlo.

27 marca, 2020

Náš svet čelí veľkým výzvam a naša skupina sa musí prispôsobiť prevládajúcim okolnostiam a prispieť k minimalizácii rizika šírenia koronavírusu. Chceme byť transparentní, pokiaľ ide o to, ako nás to postihne, ale tiež vám povieme našu schopnosť dodávať.


Súčasťou našej DNA je inovatívny a progresívny výskum a vývoj. Jarní špecialisti vo Švédsku nedávno vyrobili prototypy a testy pružín v novom, nákladovo efektívnom materiáli, ktorý vydrží vysoké teploty. Výsledky testov sú veľmi pozitívne. Haaksberg –

25 februára, 2020

Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar v Nordmarkshyttan, Švédsko nedávno investovalo do nového skladu a do popredných-hrana strojov. Stroj Wafios výrazne posilňuje výrobnú kapacitu pre torzné pružiny s komplexnými geometriami.

17 februára, 2020

Uk so sídlom Metrol Springs je najnovšie spoločnosti v skupine Lesjöfors. Ich plynové vzpery sú schopné vyhovovať mnohým jedinečným požiadavkám zákazníkov a riešenia sú účinné. Jedným z príkladov je na zákazku-vyrobené nákovu snímku, ktorá pomáha využívať priestor pre nákladné automobily efektívnejšie.

10 februára, 2020

Lesjöforsov trh bol minulý rok výrazne ovplyvnený vonkajšími faktormi. Celkový pokles na automobilovom trhu s náhradnými dielmi, neistota s brexitom a obchodný konflikt medzi Amerikou a Čínou boli niektoré z nich. Aby bol Lesjöfors pripravený do budúcnosti, uskutočnil veľké investície do existujúcich operácií a získal vysokokvalifikovaných výrobcov jari. Lesjöfors ‚nový generálny riaditeľ dáva svoje názory na nadchádzajúci vývoj trhu.

31 januára, 2020

Výstavná sezóna bude čoskoro v plnom prúde a skupina Lesjöfors sa chystá na zaujímavé a plodné jarné diskusie po celom svete.

2 januára, 2020

Lesjöfors AB s potešením oznamuje svoju akvizíciu akcií spoločnosti Metrol Springs Ltd, popredného výrobcu nástrojových plynových pružín, plynových pružín na špeciálne účely a plynových vzper vzper, v rámci Spojeného kráľovstva a ďalších svetových trhov.


27 novembra, 2019

Brittish Lesjöfors spoločnosť European Springs & Pressings, jeden z najväčších výrobcov pružených jarných v Európe, potvrdila svoju pozíciu a záväzok voči automobilovému priemyslu s nedávnym nákupom veľkokapinovej práškovej vrstvy.

22 novembra, 2019

Lesjöfors môže opäť zhrnúť štyri plodné dni plné inšpiratívnych rozhovorov a otázok na show Elmia Subdodávatelia v Jönköpingu. Deväť severských spoločností Lesjöfors sa zišli na spoločnej operácii a jarné diskusie boli nespočetné.

24 októbra, 2019

Aby bolo možné zabezpečiť čo najlepší zážitok z trampolíny, sú potrebné napínacie pružiny s konečnými vlastnosťami. North Trampoline, za pomoci Lesjöfors, vyvinula prémiový produkt s presnou pevnosťou a dlhou životnosťou, že profesionálne jumpery nazve „svetová trieda“.

3 októbra, 2019

Spoločnosť Haldex úspešne dokončila spoločný vývoj kotúčovej brzdy ModulT s jedným z najväčších svetových výrobcov nákladných vozidiel a v súčasnosti spúšťa sériovú výrobu pre pohon všetkých kolies. Nie menej ako tri spoločnosti Lesjöfors dodávajú pružiny a razenie do nového systému kotúčovej brzdy.

27 septembra, 2019

Za posledných niekoľko desaťročí, Lesjöfors vzrástol na medzinárodnej úrovni a ukázal silný, ziskový rast pod vedením Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, ktorý bude odchádza do dôchodku po skončení roka. Ola Tengroth bol teraz vymenovaný za nového generálneho riaditeľa spoločnosti.

25 septembra, 2019

Od augusta lesjöfors Tinglev v Dánsku rozšíril svoju výrobnú kapacitu o nové stroje z Wafiosu, aby umožnila rýchlejšiu výrobu a zvýšený rozsah jari.

28 augusta, 2019

Since many years, Lesjöfors works effortlessly within the field of environmental, ethical and social responsibility in close collaboration with our owner company Beijer Alma. The group is now setting new goals for the coming five-year period with an even bigger focus on sustainability.

26 júna, 2019

At a ceremony on June 4, world leading power tool producer Stihl awarded Velleuer with their prestigious “Supplier of the year”. Velleuer received the award for outstanding accomplishments with respect to quality, technology, innovation, service and price-performance ratio.

24 júna, 2019

Material. Manufacturing process. Design. How the three factors interact is crucial for the characteristics of a spring. Without relevant academic research in this field in Sweden Lesjöfors develops the knowledge needed to design springs for harsh environments.

17 júna, 2019

For many years, Lesjöfors China has worked hard to be a top class automotive supplier. In addition to full awareness and compliance to our automotive customers’ needs, improved quality methods for customers in other segments are also achieved.

27 mája, 2019

Thirty-three of the Lesjöfors group’s most skilled technicians recently met for training and discussions in Velbert, Germany. The conference included lectures, sharing of new technical knowledge, a study visit etc.

14 mája, 2019

Lesjöfors, one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of springs, pressings and wire parts acquires Spirbelt Beheer B.V., which includes its two subsidiaries Tribelt and De Spiraal in the Netherlands.

2 mája, 2019

The Hannover Messe is the largest and most important industrial fair in the world with 6,000 exhibitors and more than 200,000 visitors annually. Lesjöfors was one of the exhibiting companies representing the partner country Sweden.

26 apríla, 2019

Our springs are used in all facets of everyday life and are essential in many environments and applications. What we aren’t used to seeing is hats suspended from our springs in the bathrooms of one of London’s most exclusive restaurants.

18 apríla, 2019

Did you know that Lesjöfors is a major distributor of coil springs and gas springs to the automotive industry in Russia? On April 6-7 2019, our Russian representatives participated at the Phaeton Expo and experienced two interesting days.

2 apríla, 2019

2018 was a memorable year for the Lesjöfors Group; we have never before experienced such a boost in sales. Our strategy with a decentralized structure where we work close to the customer´s operation is our main key to success.

28 marca, 2019

At a ceremony on March 25th in Tianjin, Lesjöfors China´s MD Mikael Andersson received the prestigious award “Excellent Quality Supplier of 2018” by Danfoss, one of the leading actors within climate and energy technology.

7 marca, 2019

The employees at Velleuer have great opportunities to develop their skills and take new steps in their careers. Study visit to other industrial companies is one way of enhancing skills; another is further training at the local technical academy.

25 februára, 2019

Lesjöfors’ Norwegian company is a major player in spring supply to the Norwegian manufacturing business. In February 2019, Lesjöfors A/S celebrates its 25th anniversary.

14 februára, 2019

Lesjöfors has now released a new version of our 3D CAD service. The new version includes more features and we have put an effort in making the search engine more user-friendly.

18 januára, 2019

Exploding in to the New Year, European Springs & Pressings, supported by their parent company Lesjöfors, have invested 1 million euros in a new spring coiling machine, the first of its kind in the UK.


19 decembra, 2018

During two intense days in Stockholm, technical staff from the group´s companies in the business area Pressings met for sharing new knowledge, group discussions and networking.

12 decembra, 2018

Taking the stress out of pre-stressing, Lesjöfors´ UK company European Springs & Pressings have invested in a unique invention, with the design of an automated pre-stressing machine. Another important chapter in the company’s success story of 70 years in the spring business.

6 decembra, 2018

Our wide product range has now reached a whole new continent – Australia. ASI Springs, Australia’s premium stock spring specialists, has decided to take on a range of Lesjöfors´ torsion springs in stainless steel for distribution on the Australian market.

20 novembra, 2018

Elmia Subcontractor is over for 2018. Never before has the Lesjöfors Group received so many interesting inquiries and so many new leads as from this year´s trade show.

13 novembra, 2018

Springs have been at the heart of engineering since before the Industrial Revolution and now they are set to be a key part of today’s Robotic Revolution. In cooperation with Robot Studio, Lesjöfors is providing springs for the future.

5 novembra, 2018

The oil and energy industry in Norway is experiencing a positive increase after some years of reduced activity. Optimism became visible on the Offshore Technology Days (OTD), the industry’s annual meeting place.

17 októbra, 2018

The UK based Lesjöfors company European Springs & Pressings has doubled the size of its Cornwall operation with the purchase of a new 2000 square metre site.

9 októbra, 2018

Finland is booming and the industrial sector is leading the way. The great optimism was noticeable in the buzz at Alihankinta, the annual trade show for subcontractors in Finland.

26 septembra, 2018

One million patients are seen every 36 hours by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Sanandco and their MonitorMe product, with springs supplied by European Springs & Pressings, is working on easing this NHS headache.

24 augusta, 2018

Is there anything springier than a trampoline? In most people’s eyes, it certainly is a typical use of a spring. Lesjöfors, known for developing the best and most durable tension springs on the market, have recently expanded into the trampoline sector.

26 júna, 2018

The Danish Lesjöfors company in Tinglev has shown impressive results in reliable supplies for a long time. Delivery quality measurements show almost a full score year after year, which customers’ value highly.

26 júna, 2018

The organic growth that started in the second part of 2017 continues in an even stronger way in 2018. Lesjöfors’ CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck sums up the year so far and looks to the future.

12 júna, 2018

A recent investment, making the most of the latest digital technologies managing the day-to-day running of the business for European Springs & Pressings, has empowered staff in the Cornwall factory to rise to the challenge.

5 júna, 2018

Lesjöfors has a constant focus on streamlining the production with automatized processes at all units. Consequently, a new piston rod assembling machine for gas springs production has been installed in the Latvian company.

3 mája, 2018

For the third time, Lesjöfors Slovakia has been awarded as one of the best suppliers to global company Kiekert. In 2017, Lesjöfors was the second best supplier in Europe.

17 apríla, 2018

Springs are used in the most various of fields. Don´t miss out Lesjöfors springs displaying the latest in trainer trends from the iconic sporting brand Nike in the Oxford Street store in London.

6 apríla, 2018

From March 20-23 2018 the ESEF trade fair was held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Lesjöfors stand was well-attended and many productive discussions was held with new and existing customers.

13 marca, 2018

Shakespeare said “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” and for the Cornwall factory of European Springs & Pressings, a company in the Lesjöfors group, this couldn’t be more true.

27 februára, 2018

In the Mid-Sweden, the motor enthusiast Pelle Söderström is in the final phase of finishing the world´s first and only straight 16-cylinder car engine. The engine contains valve springs from Lesjöfors.

1 februára, 2018

Lesjöfors has for many years sponsored various student projects with products and know-how. Besides a good exposure of the product range it also presents Lesjöfors as a highly qualified employer.

24 januára, 2018

Lesjöfors in Denmark has been appointed Company of the Year 2017 by Bröndby community. Lesjöfors receives the award for the many years of social commitment providing internship for unemployed citizens.


12 decembra, 2017

A new form of trainee program has been implemented in Slovakia to increase the numbers of technical skilled workers. Lesjöfors company Centrum B* has in 2017 employed young workers who will combine a technical education with internship in the company.

5 decembra, 2017

Lesjöfors has participated in an innovation project for wheel lockers. The new wire product prevents truck wheels from falling off with a simple and reusable construction.

27 októbra, 2017

Lesjöfors´ wide range of standard springs is unique in the world market. The new edition of the spring catalogue is slightly changed and improved. The range is more extensive than ever.

16 októbra, 2017

Deutsche Post DHL Group’s StreetScooter GmbH has worked hard to make e-mobility standard practice in the logistics industry. The German Lesjöfors company Velleuer is supplying wire rod items to the vehicles.

10 októbra, 2017

Through efficient cooperation with Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar, technology company CEJN has introduced a new product on the market. The product is a quick coupling for electric and air chargers on rescue vehicles.

20 septembra, 2017

Wave springs can be the perfect solution when spring space is limited. A wave spring provides the same effect as a spiral or compression spring but with half of the spring height.

3 júla, 2017

Lesjöfors, with 26 production sites worldwide, is a global spring company with the perhaps widest product range. Through our decentralized structure and local way of working where we know our customer, we ensure the best customer service.

3 júla, 2017

Lesjöfors in Tinglev has a strong focus on further developing their good customer relations. The company has three customer access points: purchase, construction and logistic. Now they have started spring training courses for customers.

2 júna, 2017

The UK based Lesjöfors subsidiary European Springs & Pressings Ltd have outgrown its Yorkshire office and warehouse. Now it’s relocating to a new, purpose built facility in Huddersfield.

15 mája, 2017

The Hannover Messe is one of the largest industrial meeting points in the world. During the busy days 23-27 April, 225 000 attendees mingled among 6 500 exhibitors. The Lesjöfors staff experienced great interest in their stand.

28 apríla, 2017

The Beijer Alma scholarship for 2017 is awarded to Zigurds Sudints, development engineer at Lesjöfors in Latvia. Zigurd won the prize for his innovative approach, enthusiasm and competence.

5 apríla, 2017

Mastering the manufacturing behind a new and innovative product is a task engineer’s relish. Lesjöfors subsidiary European Springs & Pressings got stuck right into the project when approached by the sticky tape dispenser company, TapePal.

24 marca, 2017

Spiralspecialisten AB, a subsidiary of the Lesjöfors Group, has acquired the spring operations of Swedish company Spiros AB – a spring manufacturer with more than 90 years in the business.

27 februára, 2017

Velleuer, part of the Lesjöfors Group, has developed a manufacturing process for stampings with extreme purity requirements for the German automotive industry. In custom-built washing equipment the components are cleaned, rinsed and dried.

10 februára, 2017

At the end of the year we received amazing news that Lesjöfors Automotive AB as well as Lesjøfors AS have been awarded ”Supplier of the Year” by its customers. Great customer focus and high support level is highlighted as important key factors to the success

25 januára, 2017

The new production plant for Lesjöfors´ Slovakian company Centrum B is now officially opened. At an opening ceremony on November 23 the new ultramodern production facitilities were inaugurated.