Lesjøfors stand messe 2018

A crowded Lesjöfors stand at Elmia Subcontractor

Elmia Subcontractor is over for 2018. Never before has the Lesjöfors Group received so many interesting inquiries and so many new leads as from this year´s trade show.

After some intense and busy days at Elmia Subcontractor in Jönköping, Sweden, one word can conclude the event: success! During November 13-16, around 14 000 visitors mingled with 1 200 exhibitors from 30 countries and got updates about the latest technology and development in the industry world.

“Best trade show for many years”

The Lesjöfors staff on site, who represented several of the companies in the Lesjöfors group, were very pleased with the great interest in the wide product range. “The best trade show for many years” was the conclusion after analyzing the results from the exhibition. Some common factors were clear after meetings with existing and hopefully new customers at the trade show.

When other suppliers cannot handle the task, the customer turns to Lesjöfors. Often with the explanation that the matter is urgent. If we solve the problem, there is often a need for additional spring products in other business areas.

If the customer wants to reduce the number of suppliers, he or she turns to Lesjöfors. No other European supplier can manufacture springs in the same wide range, from conventional springs and complex pressings to wave springs and gas springs. This unique fact appeals to those who want to reduce their administration and simplify the entire chain from development to delivery.

Highly skilled staff helps the customer directly. No competitor had the same staff expertise in place throughout the week. The customer received qualified help in the stand, which resulted in further contact and follow-up immediately after the trade show.

Fast quotation for new springs. Hundreds of existing customers came into the stand for short meetings, often with new articles to discuss and to receive quotes for ongoing deliveries.

Opportunity to start discussions

The Lesjöfors representatives see a great value in further participation at Elmia Subcontractor.
“To meet new and existing customers at Elmia Subcontractor is a cost-effective way for us in the Lesjöfors Group to showcase our product range and our technical expertise. We take every chance we can to discuss upcoming challenges with our existing customers that visit our stand. In addition to this, we add all interesting requests from new customers, who alone makes the trade show profitable for us. It’s the same thing every year”, says Henrik Berner, Sales Manager for Lesjöfors Springs & Pressings AB and exhibition coordinator for the Lesjöfors group at Elmia.

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