a garage door tension spring on a white shiny background

Alcomex innovate the future of the garage door tension spring

The tension spring has historically always been the worldwide spring hero of garage doors. Open an old garage door anywhere and you’ll find a tension spring. However, advance developments in the demanding specialist insulated garage door sector had led to an evolution in spring type, with the torsion spring being substituted partially by the tension spring.

The torsion spring outsmarted the tension spring, in specific garage door sectors, because it accurately delivered against the precise calculations required for the insulated garage door weights and lifting systems. However, the torsion spring is also the larger cousin compared to the tension spring and their perceived enhanced accuracy came at a cost.  

Spring Innovation

So, Alcomex has innovated a new tension spring, writing a new chapter in the tension spring garage door life story. 

Alcomex, a subsidiary of the Lesjofors Group, has always been at the forefront of garage door spring innovation. Staying one step in front of the competition, they have now firmly placed the tension spring back on the garage door agenda with the development of the Quattro tension spring.  

Securing Europe’s leading door supplier

This new design has, in part, led to one of Europe’s leading producers of insulated overhead doors, ConDoor Door Solutions, securing all their spring demands wholly with Alcomex. 

Kees-Jan Honig, CEO of ConDoor says: “We know that spring technology is not the easiest part of the door and that there are a lot of factors that determine the quality, lifespan and functioning of a spring. So, when we connect with a supplier with such a key component of the door, we want to be completely sure that the supplier has the know-how and consistent quality that we need. 

Rigorous testing process

After running a severe testing programme in our own laboratory, we started producing small batches of doors with Alcomex. When all the ‘lights turned green’, including quality, lifespan and balance satisfaction from our customers (the door dealers that install the door at the homeowner or industrial facility), we took the next step and Alcomex became our sole supply partner.” 

The Alcomex innovated Quattro spring has proved to be perfect for residential doors. The construction of the spring set has proved to be very compact, using little build-in space, which has made it possible for ConDoor to offer pre-tensioned hardware sets to its customers – saving them time and money on-site. Due to its spring-in-spring solution, the system has also been able to comply with tough European safety demands.  

Customer satisfaction

Conrad Hietink, Managing Director of Alcomex says: “Spring technology is a complex part of the sectional overhead of a garage door. Technological advances in door engineering are rapid and this can lead to a progression in spring types. Our innovative Quattro tension spring is cost, time and space efficient and we’re now working with ConDoor to secure a system for higher door weights, meaning bigger doors. 

It’s reassuring to learn that such a respected door manufacturer as ConDoor is 100% relying on our operational excellence performance and that our innovations has meant they have moved all their sourcing of springs to us. To be their sole partner is an honour and we’re enormously proud to partner and work with them on door spring solutions going into the future.” 

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