Lesjöfors Norway celebrates 25 years in business

Lesjöfors’ Norwegian company is a major player in spring supply to the Norwegian manufacturing business. In February 2019, Lesjöfors A/S celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Oslo, Norway – The company situated in Oslo was founded February 1 1994 and has from the start been a natural partner for most branches within the Norwegian manufacturing industry. Lesjöfors in Norway also stock a wide assortment from the stock spring range as well as a safety stock with customized springs for customers with framework agreements.

Strict routines and fast deliveries

Long relations to its customers characterize the Norwegian company; 20-25 years is not unusual. Most manufacturing businesses in Norway are represented in the impressive customer stock. Companies within the oil and gas industry are very common where the demands of strict routines and traceability are rigorous.

“We know people highly appreciate our competent employees who answer questions and assist with technical calculations, choice of material etc. in the process of manufacturing custom-made springs. Fast deliveries from our stock of 5,000 springs, gas springs and wave springs are also highly appreciated and secure operation for the customer without disturbances”, says Erik Kolsrud Aas, MD of Lesjøfors AS.

Bright future ahead

Erik Kolsrud Aas sees great potential in the business of disc springs in super alloy material:
“We see an increasing demand of our disc springs where Lesjöfors are highly qualified and one of few European producers with front-edge competence and capacity. We will definitely develop the opportunities further within this product segment”.

Highly skilled workforce

The Norwegian team has a long working experience. The newest team member was employed eleven years ago which makes the average period of employment for the Norwegian team impressing 17.2 years!

Erik Kolsrud Aas concludes:
“The importance of hiring and being able to keep such a skilled and devoted workforce can’t be underestimated in times where our market is in constant change and the requirements are getting more and more challenging”.

For more information about our Norwegian operations, please visit lesjofors.no.

Lesjöfors AB