Powerful wave springs provide great flexibility in tight spaces

Wave springs can be the perfect solution when spring space is limited. A wave spring provides the same effect as a spiral or compression spring but with half of the spring height.

Mönsterås, Sweden – Wave springs have been on the market for quite some time. The spring product has the same force as a spiral or compression springs, but only need half the spring height. This provides greater flexibility in the project and the option for smaller and more compact spring areas. One example of usage are in mechanical seals.

Stece Fjädrar invests heavily in wave springs

In 2016, the Lesjöfors company Stece Fjädrar launched a large investment plan to further develop the technical capacity and expertise in wave springs to meet the increased customer demand.

“Together with our sister company Lesjöfors A/S in Tinglev, Denmark, we’ve started a project with a German company who manufactures hydraulic motors”, says Michael Arvidsson, MD at Stece Fjädrar.

Increased dimension range

Thanks to an increased demand from customers and belief in the huge potential that wave springs can provide customer projects, the decision was made to invest in a new machine, Waifos SNA 22. The new equipment extends dimension variations from the current minimum of Dy 47 mm down to Dy 20 mm, which matches many of the requests.

The new machine is scheduled to be up and running at the end of September 2017. Then wave springs in the dimensions from Dy 20 mm to Dy 250 mm can be manufactured.  

Questions and inquiries
For further questions about the wave spring range, please contact:
Henrik Berg, +46 70 308 11 46, henrik.berg@stecefjadrar.com

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