Lesjöfors gas springs to the rescue!

It’s not every day that we’re able to write a headline such as this but having recently supplied gas springs to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, it felt appropriate.

The SSRS (Swedish Sea Rescue Society) is involved in approximately 90% of all sea and lake rescues. An astonishing statistic achieved by its 2500 volunteer crew members, who operate 24 hours a day. What is even more exceptional is that all of this is achieved without any government funding and the charity is reliant on memberships, donations and fundraising to save lives at sea. 

Extreme gas spring application 

The SSRS’s Victoria Class of rescue vessels were looking for a marine grade, high quality gas spring that could endure every extreme of the Scandinavian environment from rough seas to high winds, hot summers to icy winters.  

Acting as a critically essential component part for the rescue hatches on the vessels, Lesjöfors gifted and help fitted a set of gas springs, allowing the SSRS teams to vigorously test the components over several months, to ensure Lesjöfors held the solution to their gas spring supply. 

Proud to be of service 

Per Lindros, Sales Stock and Gas Spring Manager in Vällingby, says: “The SSRS were looking for help and it was our pleasure to volunteer some samples that enabled them to fix an issue and to assess how we might be able to support their long-term future. Not that I had any doubt about our products, but I was delighted when their team confirmed that we were their number one choice for gas spring supply.  

We know our products are expertly designed and manufactured to achieve the highest performance levels. However, knowing the SSRS also recognize this and for us to be part of their rescue fleet, fills us with great pride.” 

On show 

Lesjöfors has been a key provider to the maritime sector for generations and will be on stand with the SSRS at the Allt för sjön (All for the Sea Boat Show) from 7-10 and 14-17 March in Stockholm. 

Lesjöfors AB