Privacy policy

The Lesjöfors Group (”Lesjöfors”) is committed to protecting your privacy as the controller of your personal data. This is an excerpt of the Lesjöfors Privacy Policy. If you want to read the full version, please contact us at

Why do we process your personal data?

We need to process your personal data in order to

  • manage your customer relation to Lesjöfors
  • manage your user profile, if applicable
  • process purchases you make in our online stores
  • provide you with marketing information related to our services or the services of the individual companies in the Lesjöfors Group (requires your separate consent)
  • provide you information on the changes to the policy and our Terms of Use

You may be required to agree to separate privacy policies and terms and conditions when using the services provided.

What personal data do we process?

In case you have a customer user account or make purchase on our website we may collect the following personal data from you:

  • name
  • username
  • email address
  • street address
  • information provided by you when using our service online, e.g. comments to our blog posts
  • electronically transmitted messages related to your customer relation
  • technical details related to your navigation on our website including your IP-address

We will store your personal data only as long as it is necessary for the purposes listed above. We take due care in processing your credit card information, which is processed and stored only by the processors of payment services and never stored on our servers.

Users contacting us through this website do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use.

Where we have clearly stated and made you aware of the fact, and where you have given your express permission, we may use your details to send you products/services information through a mailing list system.

With whom do we share your data?

We may use such third party subcontractors for example for the support functions needed to provide our services to you. If you have given your consent for us to provide you with marketing information relating to the services, or any other service or product, we may share it internally within the companies in the Lesjöfors Group, to provide marketing information regarding their products and services.

Where is your data stored?

Your personal data may be transferred and stored on servers located in various countries within and outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). Your personal data may also be processed by our staff located in countries outside the EU/EEA. When transferring your data outside the EU or the EEA, Lesjöfors AB takes appropriate steps to ensure that there is a legal basis for such transfer and that your data is adequately protected in accordance with applicable law.

Data Security

Lesjöfors applies appropriate measures to ensure the security of your personal data from internal and external threats. These measures include the following:

  • The information in your user profile is password protected
  • We follow best practices for web app security
  • All payment data is only transferred trough secure connections

Despite the security measures applied by Lesjöfors, the risks associated with the use of online services cannot be completely ruled out and therefore no security measure can completely guarantee the safety of your data.

Please note that you are responsible for keeping your password secure – if a password has been given to you by Lesjöfors. To protect your user profile, we ask you not to reveal your password to anyone under any circumstances.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files which are sent to and stored in the user’s device, and which allows the website administrator to recognize the frequent visitors of the website, to facilitate logging in to the user profile and to make it possible for the administrator to collect information of the users. Based on the information collected by the cookies we are continuously able to improve the contents of our website. Cookies do not damage the users’ devices or files. In case you do not wish us to receive this information through our use of cookies, you may restrict the use of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. Please note that such changes may affect the availability and proper functioning of our website and our services.

We use cookies on our website in order to make your user experience more user friendly and to be able to provide personalized information and services to our users. We also use authorized third party services in our website, who may install their own cookies on our website in order to provide their services to you. We may also use temporary cookies to facilitate navigating on our website.

Your rights

You have the right at any time to inspect and correct your personal data stored by us. You also have the right to have any incorrect, incomplete, outdated or unnecessary personal information related to you removed or updated at your request. Lesjöfors may also at its own initiative correct or remove any personal data, which is incorrect, incomplete, outdated or unnecessary for the purposes described.

You have the right at any time to prohibit Lesjöfors from using your personal data for contacting you in marketing or selling purposes. You may also exit any of our mailing lists you have subscribed to by following the instructions at the bottom of our informational messages.

You have the following rights in relation to your information based on GDPR and other laws, which you can exercise by sending an email to the relevant company in the group (see list below)

  • to request access to your information and information related to our use of your information
  • to request us to send your marketing information by email
  • to request the correction or deletion of your information
  • to request that we restrict our use of your information
  • to object to the processing of your information for certain purposes
  • to withdraw your consent to our use of your information. In accordance with
    Article 77 of the GDPR, you also have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Lesjöfors reserves the right to revise and modify the policy at any time. Such changes may be necessary due to regulatory changes, authority requests, change in our services or any other reason.

Contact information

Should you have any questions regarding your privacy or our policies at Lesjöfors or should you wish to exercise your rights under applicable data protection legislation, please contact dpc(at) We will process your query as soon as possible.

Contact information regarding privacy

European Springs & Pressings Ltd, GBdpc.bec(at)
European Springs & Pressings Ltd, GBdpc.cor(at)
John While Group PTE LTD, CNdpc.sha(at)
John While Group PTE LTD, SGdpc.sgp(at)
John While Group PTE LTD, THdpc.chb(at)
Lesjöfors A/S, DKdpc.bby(at)
Lesjöfors A/S, DKdpc.tlv(at)
Lesjöfors A/S, NOdpc.ske(at)
Lesjöfors AB, SEdpc(at)
Lesjöfors Automotive AB, SEdpc.vax(at)
Lesjöfors Banddetaljer AB, SEdpc.vmo(at)
Lesjöfors China Ltd, CNdpc.czx(at)
Lesjöfors Fjädrar AB, SEdpc.lfs(at)
Lesjöfors Industrial Springs & Pressings, DEdpc.hagi(at)
Lesjöfors Industrial Springs & Pressings, NLdpc.bor(at)
Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar AB, SEdpc.hja(at)
Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar AB, SEdpc.nor(at)
Lesjöfors Springs (UK) Ltd, GBdpc.ell(at)
Lesjöfors Springs America, Inc, MXdpc.nog(at)
Lesjöfors Springs America, Inc, USdpc.scr(at)
Lesjöfors Springs GmbH, DEdpc.haga(at)
Lesjöfors Springs LLC, RUdpc.msk(at)
Lesjöfors Springs Oy,  FIdpc.abo(at)
Lesjöfors Stockholms Fjäder AB, SEdpc.vby(at)
LSEZ SIA Lesjofors Springs, LVdpc.lep(at)
LSEZ SIA Lesjöfors Gas Springs, LVdpc.lvg(at)
Oy Lesjöfors Ab, FIdpc.ami(at)
Spiralspecialisten AB, SEdpc.tyr(at)
Stece Fjädrar AB, SEdpc.mon(at)
Stumpp + Schüle s.r.o., SKdpc.nov(at)
Stumpp+Schüle GmbH, DEdpc.beu(at)
Velleuer GmbH & Co. KG, DEdpc.vel(at)


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Your IP address (the last three digits are set to ’0’). Date and time of consent. Browser information URL from which the consent was sent. An anonymous, random and encrypted key Your consent status of the end user, as proof of consent.

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The functionality of the website is not guaranteed without the processing.

Usercentrics is the recipient of your personal data and acts as a processor for us.

The processing takes place in the European Union. Further information on objection and removal options vis-à-vis Usercentrics can be found at:

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Please note our general information on the deletion and deactivation of cookies above.