New super-efficient production facility in Latvia

In Latvia, a new manufacturing plant is in full swing since April and is already exceeding everyone’s expectations. The well-planned, highly sustainable facility is optimized not only for a streamlined production, but also for a healthy work environment.


Liepaja, Latvia – Lesjöfors is the largest spring manufacturing company in the Baltics and the new factory of 11,300 m2 in Liepaja comprises all Lesjöfors’ manufacturing of springs, gas springs and pressings in Latvia. Earlier, there were six different manufacturing buildings in two locations. The new location on the city map is very good for transportation of both goods and people as well as close access to surrounding services. To have all manufacturing under one roof brings many advantages.

The manufacturing rooms are all carefully designed to meet the diverse needs that different spring type production requires. During the relocation process, the management’s focus was to keep only the latest machinery on the market to assure high quality products. The project team also worked hard to streamline process flows as well as material logistics.


The building process went beyond all expectations; the contractors could hand over the keys six months before schedule, which is extremely rare. Also the relocation process from several different addresses into the new premises was surprisingly smooth. Some of the most important and busy machines were only turned off for only two hours before they were back in business in the new factory.

“Our turnover or delivery precision were not affected at all by the moving process and there was no need for employee downtime planning either. Everyone involved made extraordinary efforts to make this happen”, says Ingars Jaunzems, MD of Lesjöfors Springs LV.


In the planning process of the new building, the project team had Lesjöfors’ sustainability goals in focus at all times. Every detail in the factory was important to increase productivity, save energy and reduce transportation. There are also coordination benefits to have an integrated manufacturing unit, which of course also can add to the sustainability objectives.

“Our new, updated machinery that replaced the old machines is also an important step for us to be not only more productive but also more environmental friendly. We are very happy that Lesjöfors’ management team understands the great potential here and believe in us. The Latvian team is now more than ready to take on new business and advanced spring projects”, says Ingars Jaunzems.

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