Hose clamps and pipe clamps, designed to hold objects together in a range of sizes across multiple applications.

Hose clamps and pipe clamps for various applications

Spring band clamps are innovative fastening devices designed to maintain a consistent clamping force across varying temperatures and pressures in operational environments. Crafted from high-grade tempered material, these clamps boast remarkable flexibility, ensuring hose integrity without compromising on durability. Compared to traditional screw-type clamps, they offer swift assembly, saving valuable time. With a specialized surface coating, spring band clamps exhibit superior resistance to corrosion, surpassing alternative coating methods while remaining free of Cr VI. Widely utilized in automotive cooling and heating systems, vending machines, agricultural equipment, white goods, and various industrial settings, these clamps stand out as versatile and reliable components.

Examples of hose clamps

  • Hose clamps with screw
  • Hose clamps without screw
  • Single wire hose clamps
  • Spring clamps
  • Hose Heavy Duty Clamps
  • Standard T-Bolt Hose Clamps
  • Spring T-Bolt Hose Clamps

Example of pipe clamps

  • with rubber profile
  • without rubber profile
  • with connecting nut
  • with M8/M10 combi-connecting nut
  • ventilation duct clamps
  • Fast Closing System Pipe Clamp
  • Muff Pipe Clamps
  • Light Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps
  • Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps
  • Bracket Type Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps

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