Lesjöfors Group

The premier partner for all spring and pressing requirements.

Dedicated manufacturer with years of experience

Our mission is to be a reliable partner in areas where we can contribute our competence, knowledge and cost-efficient production of springs and strip components.

The Lesjöfors Group provides the widest range of springs and pressings to customers in diverse industries across the world. With a unique expertise in high technological, custom-made solutions and a flexible manufacturing capacity, Lesjöfors is the premier partner for all spring requirements.

We are proud of our Swedish inheritage and our history dating back to 1675. The spring manufacturing started in 1852. Today the group is owned by Beijer Alma, a listed company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Worldwide group with local presence

Our group comprises almost 40 manufacturing and sales companies in many countries. As a long-term and committed spring innovator, the group continues to grow with a good profitability, both organically and by acquisitions.

The Lesjöfors brands and companies have strong local roots and are often among the pioneers in their country. The subsidiaries with their own brand are some of our most valuable assets and many of them are successful leaders in their respective markets.

Quality and environmental work are very important for our activities in every company within the Lesjöfors Group. We monitor our processes every day, from an environmental perspective, in order to find areas of improvement.

Read more about our work with sustainability, quality and environment.

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The corporate climate must be transparent, with a high level of business ethics. As such, we want to identify any potential irregularities at an early stage. Through our whistleblowing process, employees and stakeholders can report suspected unethical behaviour or illegalities safely and entirely anonymously.

This is a service run by our owner Beijer Alma.