Versatile products for the electronic industries.

Electronic industries

Lesjöfors manufactures and supplies a large number of different components to the electronics industry, for example stampings, other customized pressings and wire forms. These products are commonly used in fluorescent tube fittings, earth rails in plugs etc.

Our springs are also widely used and can be found in office copiers and printers as well as in household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and refrigerators.

At Lesjöfors, we take great pride in providing extremely versatile products, to the electronic industries among others. Our engineers have the highest knowledge of designing, producing and delivering our products to customers worldwide.

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With more than 150 years as a spring manufacturer, at Lesjöfors, we are proud to offer the widest range of springs and pressings in the world for a vast range of industries.

If your company operates within the electronic industry and is looking for high-quality products to incorporate into you products, please contact your nearest Lesjöfors company. Or take a look at our digital stock spring catalogue, where you find an extensive range of springs and wire forms that are always available for immediate delivery.