John While Adopts the Lesjöfors Brand

In the dynamic landscape of Asia, where innovation and progress thrive, we are seizing the opportunity to evolve and strengthen our presence. It is with great enthusiasm that we share the decision to transition all John While companies to proudly carry the Lesjöfors brand name.

Change is often the catalyst for growth, and this decision is rooted in our pursuit of innovation and synergy. While John While has played a pivotal role in our history, we believe it’s time to embrace a new identity that aligns seamlessly with our global strategy. Leveraging the powerful global reputation of the Lesjöfors brand, we are embarking on a journey that will not only benefit our former John While companies but also elevate the Lesjöfors brand to new heights.

“Mikael Andersson, VP Asia, emphasizes:

“With the goal of becoming the industry leader, our brand plays a crucial role, and we recognize the advantages of the stronger Lesjöfors brand over the John While brand, which is primarily known in Asia. Additionally, this change will bolster the Lesjöfors brand both in Asia and globally, and it’s inspiring to be part of this journey.

The unification of our brand, especially concerning cross-selling, simplifies how we present ourselves to customers. It makes it easier for them to perceive us as a cohesive group and simplifies our explanations. Furthermore, in terms of supply chain and group purchasing, we foresee substantial future benefits. Having all Asian companies operate under the same brand will be advantageous.”

Collaboration and growth

This transformation stems from a desire to forge stronger connections between our Asian operations and our global network. By uniting under a single name, we are creating a platform for collaboration and growth. The Lesjöfors name, recognized for its strength and credibility, is poised to make a profound impact in Asian markets and beyond.

This transformation will not only streamline our operations but also foster more local sales opportunities in Asia. As we fortify the Lesjöfors brand in this region, we open doors to new possibilities.

Importantly, this change isn’t just about a shift in name—it’s a strategic move to bolster our collective strength. With each former John While company now a proud bearer of the Lesjöfors brand, we amplify the impact of our brand globally.

Lesjöfors AB