Innovative quick coupling for rescue vehicles

Through efficient cooperation with Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar, technology company CEJN has introduced a new product on the market. The product is a quick coupling for electric and air chargers on rescue vehicles.

Herrljunga, Sweden – CEJN is a leading international company based in Skövde, Sweden, providing pioneering quick coupling solutions. The product range includes pneumatic connectors, hydraulics and various liquids. Lesjöfors has for many years cooperated with the company and supplies a wide range of components. The cooperation is characterized by a close and frequent dialogue where many problems have been solved together over the years.

Fast, smooth and efficient

In 2017, when CEJN was to develop a completely new patented product – a quick coupler for electricity and air chargers on rescue vehicles – a supplier of a bent handle was needed. CEJN approached potential suppliers and Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar was one of them. After reviewing the specifications on radii and straightness, only Lesjöfors could meet the requirements.
“The development process has been fast, smooth and efficient. Initially, Lesjöfors received a prototype that they used for creating the optimal process for producing a manually bent model. We are very pleased with the end result”, says Leif Nyfelt, Product Manager at CEJN.

Technical know-how behind the rapid process
Lesjöfors had no similar product in the range, but thanks to solid technical knowledge of materials, resilience and bending methods; a suitable product could quickly be produced at a low cost. The solution proved optimal for the customer and was included in the first release of the product.
“The quick coupling has been very well received by the market and we believe it will be a top seller. Our cooperation with Lesjöfors has contributed a great deal, says Leif Nyfelt.

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