CEO sees a bright future ahead

The organic growth that started in the second part of 2017 continues in an even stronger way in 2018. Lesjöfors’ CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck sums up the year so far and looks to the future.

Karlstad, Sweden – All Lesjöfors companies are characterized by a dedicated effort to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the good market development. We have been able to expand production capacity without losing in quality of delivery and our efficiency is improved through continuous investments and updated processes.

Success factors for continuous growth

Lesjöfors is unique in the sense that we have been able to show a very strong development for many years. We usually highlight the following success factors as our main:

  • our motivated entrepreneurial business minded technical skilled people in production and sales throughout our companies
  • our “small scale way of acting” focusing on our core processes to add values via sales and manufacturing
  • our decentralized structure with responsibility and authorization to each of our profit centers and to our skilled operators
  • our forefront position with the latest, best possible technology and our willingness to invest

On behalf of the Lesjöfors group, I wish you all a relaxing summer!

Kjell-Arne Lindbäck

Lesjöfors AB