Another record year – Lesjöfors breaks the 300 MEUR barrier

Lesjöfors outperforms in 2021, a fact which I am very happy and proud of. Once again, we have the pleasure of talking about a "record year" with both results and sales at higher levels than ever before.

Compared to the “normal” year 2019, our Group performs 25 percent better. In December, we are reaching an important milestone when our turnover breaks the 300 MEUR mark. Another milestone was the largest acquisition in the Group’s history, when we in July incorporated Alcomex. The acquisition not only opens up a new product segment, door springs, it gives us several synergy advantages in sales and purchasing as well as a perfect geographical match.

An important key to our success is our robust group structure that can withstand fluctuations in the market and where secure, on-time delivery and quality are top priorities. We also benefit from the decentralized organisation with decision-making close to the customers.

A modernized Lesjöfors

We work effortlessly with key areas central to our long-term success:

  • Sustainability
  • Digitalization
  • Employee development

To implement sustainability in all our processes is becoming increasingly important and will be crucial to our development in a longer perspective. Therefore, Anna Haesert will join the Group Management in February to lead and intensify our work in this area. We have started several projects to digitalize our business towards Industry 4.0, where automation, process industrial IT and manufacturing technologies are in focus. We look into AI and IOT solutions that can streamline our production as well as more flexible tools for e-commerce and prognosis. It may seem contradictory, but the digitalisation process requires us to also put a spotlight on the development of our employees. We must have a structure and processes to ensure an environment where our human capital can grow.

Customer and product segments

In the Medical and Rail/Heavy Springs segments, we have invested heavily in technical development, manufacturing capacity and sales activities. At present, we have a strong focus on railway projects, which are a green mode of transport that opens up opportunities for our expertise and our products. The medical technology industry grew during the pandemic as the demand for medical and hygiene products increased. We see further growth opportunities here, both organically and through new acquisitions.

More acquisitions in the pipeline

Finally yet importantly, we will accelerate the acquisition rate in the coming years. The ambition is to acquire significantly more companies than ever before. Europe remains as our first priority, but North America and Asia are also included in our plan. Our aim is to take a globally leading industry position.

We look forward to continued discussions about your development projects and gratefully welcome any comments that may make us an even better spring partner! Thank you for joining our journey!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Ola Tengroth

Lesjöfors AB