Introduction - stampings and strip components

There is constant progress in the field of stampings and strip components. Our main competitive advantage is strong technical competence, qualified tool development, low cost production and good service.

We work on design, development and production of components made from steel strip. A wide range of technologies makes it always possible to select the production technology that best suits each individual assignment, irrespective of it is for 10 or 10 million components. We work with a number of different materials in thicknesses from 0.05 - 4 mm.

Our stampings and strip components are made in Sweden, China, Latvia, United Kingdom and Denmark. It is important for us to be involved right from the start of a customer project. If we are involved right from the start, we are more able to influence the choice of quality, optimise the function and to keep the costs down.

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Sheet metal component Sheet metal component
Sheet metal component Sheet metal component

A short lead time for technical samples is often essential in a product design stage
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