Prototyping is an important part of the production process.

Prototyping - production

We are happy to support you in all development processes regarding product development. This especially applies to the production of prototypes in different project development phases. Our engineers have years of experience working with customers on individual parts development and component optimization including prototype production of technical springs, stampings, bent parts as well as gas springs.

Our prototype production happens during product development and preliminary production. The prototype testing is done with the help of numerous product-specific testing facilities to verify the product parameters. Our spring engineering and design use special spring calculation programs.

We are also able to handle customer projects in a structured manner in accordance with the project management requirements of the VDA.

Methods and systems

For calculating and dimensioning your requirements

  • Spring calculations with highly specialized programs for all standard wire springs and flat springs
  • Finite element structure analyses for stamped and bent parts
  • Computer simulations for assemblies and components
  • 3D CAD systems for parts and tool construction
  • Systems to develop packaging solutions (bulk material or individual packaging in trays)
  • Systems for project documentation and drafting
  • Endurance and relaxation tests

Prototype and pilot series production

  • Representative samples by means of 3D prototype production
  • Manufacture of prototypes and pilot series requirements in our own tooling locations and testing departments

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