Case Studies

Lesjöfors is represented in Europe, Asia, Mexico and US by a number of companies in the Lesjöfors group. If you want to contact us, please click the relevant company.

Lesjöfors legacy of spring craftsmanship married with material advancements and R&D programme secures engineering first.

A team of students contacted Lesjöfors to assist with spring design and calculations for their car competing on the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Emissions are reduced when gases are converted into electricity. Lesjöfors supply a punched and bended part in a complex geometry with a crucial function.

In March 2019, a sounding rocket is launched for research in the lower ionosphere. The rocket´s locking system includes leaf springs from Lesjöfors.

Jim and Farah Shaikh came up with the concept of a self-warming bottle which warms milk to perfect breastmilk temperature.

Lesjöfors created a technical solution for the Öresund Bridge. The assignment demanded that we should stop the large vibrations which worried road users. Lesjöfors used testing and adjustments to find an effective solution for the problem.

Lesjöfors backed an effective tool that is used in the oil industry. The client, a Norwegian company, lost both time and money when drill bits frequently broke in hard rock. Lesjöfors has devised a powerful tool to solve the problem.

Spring manufacture is rarely glamorous. However, all that changed when European Springs and Pressings were invited to design a bottle top for probably the most beautiful gin in the world.

As you might know, you can find springs from Lesjöfors in practically every corner of society. But did you know that springs are present in moviemakers workdays?