Our Products

Helical springs are made of coiled wire, and are ideal for applications with linear compression or tension forces, as well as custom-shaped wire components and assemblies.

Pressings, also called strip components, are compressed or stamped and formed into a desired shape. We specialize in products with complex geometries.

Mechanical springs that use compressed gas. Perfect for lifting or lowering objects with controlled and adjustable force. Producing the market's largest range of gas springs, we supply standard and custom designs.

Tension and torsion springs, specifically designed for quality motion control in garage doors, industrial doors, and residential doors

Transportation belts are made from wire and strip steel for multiple industries and applications including food processing, therma processing and packaging, as well as other industries.

Large diameter compression, torsion and tension springs, manufactured across hot and cold coiling CNC machine technologies for heavy-duty applications.

Flat Springs are parts made from strip metals. The bending process stresses the material, with deflection and force being an essential part of its function.

Hose clamps and pipe clamps, designed to hold objects together in a range of sizes across multiple applications.

Component parts, often with a spring function such as die springs, wave springs, disc springs, volute springs, torsion bar springs, and others.

Automotive aftermarket parts such as coil springs, gas springs, leaf springs, sport lowering springs, U-bolts.

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What's new


Olympic winning performance with Lesjӧfors

The greatest sports show on earth is just about to start and behind some of the athletes is a spring that is helping them advance their sporting achievement.

Expansions in Poland and India for the Lesjӧfors Group

The Lesjӧfors Group has further increased its operations in Eastern Europe with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Poland, alongside its subsidiary Alcomex.

Lesjöfors acquires Clifford Springs

Today, July 1st, 2024, Lesjöfors has acquired 100 percent of the shares in Clifford Springs Limited, a UK spring manufacturer. The acquisition will strengthen Lesjöfors’ offering in energizer springs.

Our Industries

The challenges in the automotive industry have never been as high as they are today. We supply solutions to meet these needs.

Providing life enhancing functions across the medical sector, our springs are an invaluable part of the healthcare industry.

We manufacture many different components to the electronics industry, used in fluorescent tube fittings, earth rails in plugs, printers, refrigerators etc.

Springs that are used in the harsh environment of fluid power require high levels of resistance and endurance. We deliver spring solutions that meet these demands.

Adding power to the renewable sector, our springs play a vital role within renewable energy applications and power supply.

Our precision engineered springs deliver quality functionality for leading agricultural machinery manufacturers.

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