With more than 1.500 employees at 29 production plants in Europe, Asia and the USA, the Lesjöfors Group is one of the world’s largest leading companies in the spring industry. Our ability to solve problems is one of the strongest reasons to approach us. Welcome to Lesjöfors.

We at Lesjöfors believe that the people in our company are the key to our success. There is an individual talent in every individual person and that is why we equip our employees with the tools, leadership skills and resources they need for a successful and long-term career.

The support you need to achieve your professional and personal goals gives us the opportunity to be and remain the leader in springs and stampings. No matter which path you choose for yourself and your goals, Lesjöfors offers you the opportunity for a unique career.

Working at Lesjöfors

Lesjöforsprovides the widest range of springs and pressings to customers in diverse industries across the world. With a unique expertise in high technological, custom-made solutions and a flexible manufacturing capacity, Lesjöfors is the premier partner for all spring requirements. 

Job offers

Our employees are one of the most important key factors to our success. Looking for a new challenge and want to be part of the Lesjöfors family, you will find that we have many interesting jobs to offer.