Force calculations of gas springs

Using a software package developed in-house, Lesjöfors is able to simulate any type of application imaginable, enabling us to quickly help calculate the force requirement for your particular design of your gas springs.

For quick and effective assistance, please fill out this design applications form and send to us (pdf)

In simpler cases, the required gas spring force may be calculated by entering relevant values into the following formula:

F1 = (G x L) / (W x n) + 10 - 15% margin of error

Gas springsF1 = Gas spring force in Newton
G = Gravitational pull in Newton of  the moving part
C = Connection point on the moving part
D = Connection point on the fixed part
E = Swivel point
S = Centre of gravity
L = Horizontal distance from E to S in open position
W = Smallest distance to E
n = Number of gas springs


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