High performance springs secure advanced oil drilling

2009-10-02 Norwegian company Tomax has developed a tool protecting the bore crown in difficult oil well drilling operations. Lesjöfors is supplier of advanced, critical components to the tool, developed in close relations with Tomax.

The Anti Stall Tool (AST) is used to protect the sensitive and expensive bore crown in extremely difficult drilling conditions. The tool reduces vibrations and controls the torque to keep the bore crown intact. In 2006, Tomax design engineers received the award ONS Innovation Prize for AST.

Award-winning tool for extreme conditions
Recently, the AST was used at the so far most demanding drilling operation in Norways history to an oil reserve 5 600 metres below the surface. When confronted with an extraordinary prognosis for hard stringers, the drilling team decided to implement Anti-Stall Technology to mitigate the risk. The company Total who performed the operation, carried out detailed investigations and comparisons of tools before choosing the AST.

Despite the difficult conditions on the spot, with high-density rock, extremely high pressure and temperature, the drilling operation was carried out with high satisfaction. Using the AST prolonged the bore crowns lifespan considerably.  
- The critical high performance springs in the AST, was developed in a close cooperation between Lesjöfors designers and Tomax. Lesjöfors was a natural choice of spring supplier since we easily can live up to Tomax´ high demands of springs of the highest possible quality and fast, correct deliveries, says Knut Wettre, project manager for AST at Lesjöfors AS in Norway.



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