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Oktober 14, 2021

Being at the forefront of the current technological revolution is key to our group’s success. Lesjöfors continues to invest and advance how we manufacture to prepare for the industry’s future. A new Bruderer machine in the UK is one step in this direction.

September 17, 2021

Lesjöfors’ gas springs business is expanding worldwide. The reasons for this are related to new sales channels and reliable deliveries as well as recovery from last year’s dip in demand caused by corona restrictions. Customers appreciate the high service level greatly.

September 8, 2021

Major new business with a manufacturer of electric cars is the outcome from a successful cooperation within the Lesjöfors Group. Extensive synergy opportunities provide manufacture and supply worldwide.

August 24, 2021

Lesjöfors‘ product range is growing continuously. We can now also offer traction gas springs that provide immediate power and high safety in applications that require a controlled closing. The products are available both in the standard range and as well as custom-made adapted to individual requirements.

Juli 29, 2021

Lesjöfors has today entered into an agreement to divest 100 percent of its shares in S&P Federnwerk GmbH.

Juli 28, 2021

Lesjöfors has today acquired 88 percent of the shares in the Alcomex Group. With the transaction, Lesjöfors gains access to new geographies and a new product area, in line with its ambition to build the leading spring, wire and flat strip component group.

Juli 27, 2021

Lesjöfors  ist eine weltweit agierende Unternehmensgruppe, die in den Bereichen Entwicklung undHerstellung von technischen Federn, Biegeteilen und Stanzteilen sowie Gasfedern tätig ist.Mit mehr als 1.800 Beschäftigten in über 25 Produktionswerken

Juni 24, 2021

Do you remember this time last year? The situation was completely different; we were in the middle of a sharp decline and the worries for the future and how the pandemic would develop was in all of our minds. One year later, mass vaccinations of the population worldwide are taking place and the economy has reversed.

Juni 24, 2021

Metrol Springs is one of the newest members of the Lesjöfors family. With large investments in new machinery and greater access to an expansive global market, the future looks bright for the British gas spring experts.

Juni 3, 2021

Das deutsche Lesjöfors-Unternehmen Velleuer hat sich nach Jahren des steigenden Geschäftsvolumens dazu entschlossen, seine Räumlichkeiten mit einem neuen Gebäude zu erweitern. Dank der größeren Fläche wird es mehr Platz für automatisierte Prozesse und

Mai 4, 2021

Die Unternehmen von Lesjöfors arbeiten weiter an ihren Nachhaltigkeitszielen, wobei die Senkung der CO2-Emissionen ein Schwerpunkt ist. Velleuer in Deutschland ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür, wie ein Übergang zu einem grünen Energiemix die Emissionen um

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