Technical report of benefits of induction heating

2009-09-21 A presentation of the new induction heating of steel bars in Åminnefors in Finland is now presented. The technical report shows amongst others that the carbon dioxide air pollution from the bar heating in the factory was reduced to zero.

Lesjöfors produces heavyweight springs at Åminnefors in Finland. These are hot-coiled springs of between 5 and 300 kg, which are used in valves, industrial robots, high-voltage technology, railway rolling stock and rock crushing equipment. Earlier this year, the gas heated bar furnace was replaced with an induction heating system for the bars.

Environmental benefits
The new technology halves the gas consumption in the factory, and thus reduces the discharge of greenhouse gases dramatically. The high energy utilization with the induction technique has led to reduction of the total energy consumption in relation to the production quantities with the new system. The risk for quality deviation is reduced due to less spread in the heating process with the new induction heating technique and at the same time the heating capacity is more than doubled.

You can read the full technical report here



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