Pioneering spring solutions at vibrant Elmia Subcontractor

2016-11-23 Elmia Subcontractor is one of the annual highlights and a melting pot for engineering business in Sweden. Lesjöfors is a regular exhibitor and captures the great potential in meeting new and existing customers for fruitful discussions.

Lesjöfors staff has again experienced intense and productive discussions at this year's Elmia Subcontractor in Jönköping, Sweden. The exhibition, which took place November 8-11 2016, is a hotspot for the entire engineering and manufacturing industry in Sweden and is also a temperature sensor of the state of the industry. This year, about 1 200 exhibitors and 13 000 visitors with a strong business focus met on the show floor and many handshakes and concrete business proposals arose.
“We had at least 500 visitors in our stand so our nine highly qualified employees were constantly busy demonstrating our products and expertise. Many wanted to discuss upcoming spring needs and possible innovative solutions”, says Henrik Berner, Lesjöfors´ exhibition manager.

Hot leads for further analysis
Many visitors had enquiries about wave springs, pressings in small and medium volumes and lockable gas springs. A lot of interesting leads will be followed up after the exhibition and will hopefully lead to interesting quotes.
“The topics of discussion included everything from spring solutions for stable, temporary accommodation in refugee camps, valve springs for cars and safety springs to bespoke springs for the automotive industry”, says Henrik Berner.

The Lesjöfors stand attracted much attention thanks to a custom made Volvo Polestar. Lesjöfors strongly contributed to a fast product development in this project and could proudly display the final product for the exhibition visitors.


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