Lesjöfors´ presence in Asia strengthens customer focus

2016-06-23 Local manufacturing in close customer collaboration is the successful concept for the Lesjöfors Group worldwide. With the widest range of springs and with production facilities in new geographical areas, future achievements are anticipated.

The Lesjöfors group's ambition is to broaden the network of manufacturing and technical services to the locations that are of prime interest to our customers. We have now taken a further step in this direction with the acquisition of the John While Group where factory sites in Singapore, Thailand and China follow. Lesjöfors now have the infrastructure to serve our customers locally in Asia with a wide range of products in the field of wire springs and pressings. We want to enable our customers to be locally supplied with products of the same level of quality and service as in Europe.

Growth based on global customer requirements
With our established infrastructure, we are prepared to invest further to live up to our customers' needs and requirements.

We see the Asian investment as a milestone in the development of the Lesjöfors group where our ambition is to be solidly present in a growing market important to our customers. We welcome discussions about future needs; please speak to your contact person within the Lesjöfors Group to let us know what more we can do for you in Asia.

Power springs now also in Europe
As mentioned earlier, Lesjöfors is now also established as a strong supplier within the product area power springs where our production technology solution enables significant material savings. We have manufacturing in the United States and Mexico and are gradually expanding our manufacturing capacity in Europe. Already, we can serve our customers with warehousing in Central Europe of products manufactured in Mexico and the United States. Your Lesjöfors contact can tell you more about opportunities in this competitive product sector.
Lesjöfors´ aim is to have a wide product range available for our customers. We are now stronger than ever and can confirm that we (probably) are the company in the industry with the broadest product range. We are proud to be able to deliver virtually all requirements in the area of springs and pressings.

Local projects with the same high quality
We currently run a number of successful local projects with our customers to simplify their spring supply. We have the capacity for additional projects and welcome further challenges where you are guaranteed the same level of quality and service as in Europe and other markets.

We thank all customers for excellent cooperation and look forward to develop our concept further with all the new opportunities within the Lesjöfors Group.

I wish you a nice and relaxing summer!
Kjell-Arne Lindbäck


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