Small wire form relieves medical staff

2015-04-17 A simple hook may facilitate the lifting moment for medical staff, e.g. when helping patients to the toilet. The patented product "Garment Lifter" is concidered a potential bestseller world-wide. Lesjöfors is manufacturing the wire form.

The Karlstad-based company Benwin Care is behind the medical aid product that is manufactured in a single piece smooth, stainless steel wire with no sharp edges. At both ends, there are hooks that can attach to the upper and lower part of the upper body garments. In this way, there are no needs for extra hands or awkward maneuvers to keep away clothes when helping the patient to the toilet. The inventor Bengt Winner got the idea after having cared for his ill wife at home.
“I see great benefits for the healthcare sector where the product reduces the need of medical staff from two to one person in some work tasks, among other things. Also people who nurse ill relatives at home can benefit greatly from the garment lifter”, says Bengt Winner.

Simple but ingenious product
Bengt Winner received a patent for the design at the beginning of 2015 and then turned to Lesjöfors for manufacturing advice, a company which he had good experience from in previous contexts. Jan-Eric Nordh, plant manager at Lesjöfors in Nordmarkshyttan, Sweden, has provided support throughout the process and Bengt Winner is very pleased with both approach and outcome. In close cooperation, a cost-effective product has been developed that easily can be mass-produced.
“This is probably one of the most uncomplicated products we have developed, but the range of use is huge and should have the potential to become a bestseller world-wide. It is when an idea and a defined need meet expertise in design and production that ingenious solutions can be created”, says Jan-Eric Nordh.


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