Cutting edge machine increases competitiveness further

2014-03-17 As the first production unit in Scandinavia, Lesjöfors Banddetaljer has invested in new advanced mechanical equipment from German Bihler. A more stable production, higher accuracy and shorter adjustment times are some of the benefits.

Lesjöfors Bandetaljer in Värnamo, Sweden recently invested in an ultramodern Bihler GRM NC, a machine that enables stamping and bending of increasingly complex and demanding products. Lesjöfors is first in Scandinavia to introduce the advanced machine technology. The Bihler machine is fully electric and allows shorter set up times than the previous mechanical cam-controlled machines. This provides a greater flexibility at lower volumes.

Extended and more advanced operations
The machine provides a more stable production and higher precision. The investment will also enable extended and more sophisticated operations in one process. Jakob Lindquist, MD of Lesjöfors Banddetaljer is excited about the development and to be first on the market with the new machine technology:
“I am convinced that this investment strengthens our position in the market even further. We are already carrying out projects where we have a great advantage of the new technology. We can handle increasingly complex operations in the same process in a far more efficient way and this creates distinct value for our customers”, says Jakob Lindquist.


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