Major technology investments in 2013 will meet future demands

2014-02-10 In the past year, Lesjöfors made significant investments in new technology. Optimal product solutions for any project are always the goal. Close collaboration between the Lesjöfors companies contribute greatly to the success.

A good example of one of the many investments in 2013 is a new, modern hardening and tempering system for the manufacture of hot coiled springs for around 10 million SEK. Also significant investments for about 25 million SEK has been made in the best available technology for chassis springs to meet the increasing demand. In Slovakia, the machine park is expanded with new presses and spring coiling machines to meet the growing demand from mainly German customers. Investments amount to about 15 million SEK.
“We are constantly updating our machine park in our company to ensure the best possible quality at competitive terms. It is a very important part of Lesjöfors´ success strategy, says Kjell-Arne Lindbäck”, CEO of the Lesjöfors Group.

Unique competence thanks to internal collaboration
All Lesjöfors companies are constantly working on product development projects that aim to create the most optimal product solutions for all customers. An important question is how Lesjöfors can improve the product qualities in their own processes.
“Our collective experience and competence thanks to our extensive in-house network of technicians are significant and will continuously gain our customers. It is a strength that few of our competitors have”, says Kjell-Arne Lindbäck.

Strong performances despite the business cycle
An economic outlook shows a volatile situation, but overall the Lesjöfors Group performed very well in 2013 with an increasing share of new projects. Lesjöfors remains strong and the strength is used in particular to secure the Group's overall technical capacity both in terms of equipment and expertise.

CSR important on the agenda
CSR is an important part of the company's strategy and during the year a policy was established applied by all companies in the Group. Lesjöfors works actively to reduce its´ negative environmental impact with ambitious objectives and specific action plans. Most of the Group's companies are now environmentally certified and within a few years all companies will live up to the same standards. Mr Lindbäck is satisfied with the past year but nevertheless looks to the future with new goals in mind:
“We thank all our customers for excellent cooperation and your satisfaction with our quality, expertise and service is our strongest motivator. We can always improve and it is our aim to provide even better solutions for your product.”


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