Lesjöfors Latvia awarded with "Gazele 2013” for fast growth

2013-09-30 Lesjöfors Gas Springs is one of the fastest growing companies in Latvia. For this, the company was awarded with an honorable prize, "Gazele 2013”, by the leading business newspaper.

Annualy, Latvia´s dominant business newspaper Dienas Bizness nominates the fastes growing companies in Latvia to the award "Gazele 2013”. 2013 is the 13th year of the award and this year 465 companies nationally fulfilled the criterias of growth and profitability. 45 of the companies were located in the Kurzeme (Kurland) region where Lesjofors Gas Springs operates. The prize cermony was held in Riga on September 25.

Doubled turnover
This year´s award winner of "Gazele 2013” in the Kurzeme region was Lesjöfors Gas Springs. The company could present an astonishing good turnover for 2012; it was doubled compared to the year before. Lesjöfors Gas Springs also showed a good profit.
"We are very pleased with this honorable award. Our aim is to continue our growth in Latvia, says Girts Ancevskis”, Managing Director for Lesjöfors Gas Springs in Latvia.

Successful business in Latvia
Lesjöfors Gas Springs started its´ operation in 2008. The Lesjöfors Group has also another company in the region; Lesjofors Springs LV which mainly produces strip components and traditional springs. In an earlier article about the Lesjöfors Group´s business in Latvia, CEO Kjell-Arne Lindbäck says:
"For Lesjöfors, the whole business in Latvia has been very successful and has meant a lot for the good progress the Group has had and still experience.”


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