Small gas spring that saves weight and space

2012-11-06 Do you have a crowded space where you want the optimum lifting ergonomics? Or are you looking for a stylish opening solution for your light lifting applications? Now the wait is over!  From November 2012, our new gas spring 12-4 is in stock.

Lesjöfors has developed a new gas spring with a cylinder of just 12 mm diameter and a rod diameter of only 4 mm. It is now available as a standard part in over 110 different combinations of lengths and forces.

From precision engineering to heavy lifting
The forces of the 12-4 gas spring range from 10N up to 140N. The smallest forces offers stylish lift assist in precision engineering applications, while the gas springs with over 100N are powerful enough to be alone or in couples cope with really heavy items, in a very limited installation space.

You can also have various end fittings from stock, such as forks, loops and ball cups.
All gas springs and end pieces will within short be made available for download in 3D CAD via our website.

Customize your 12-4
As with our other gas spring sizes, we can offer customized solutions for the 12-4 range. You can choose the length and strength, your own color or logo on the cylinder, customized cushioning, or attachments specially designed for your needs. Read about a special solution in Belgium where low power and soft cushioning in a confined space was essential for the application.

Our specialists help you
Our technology support for gas springs is always on hand to help you with personal installation advice or to calculate the optimal gas springs and mounting points for your application.

We welcome your enquiry for Lesjöfors new "twelve-four range"!



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