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2012-02-22 Lesjöfors China has awarded a prestigious project and is now supplier to the latest iPhone on the market, iPhone 4S. In total, Lesjöfors is supplying eight parts to the iPhone 4S.

Apple´s iPhone is one of the leading smartphones on the market. The extremely popular iPhone 4S was released in October 2011 and in the first 24 hours, 1 million 4S models were sold.

Complex development process
Lesjöfors China was deeply involved in the development of the parts to the iPhone 4S about one year before the launch on the market and is now a supplier of a large part of the total volume.
- This is a prestigious project for us and the strip components we supply are very complex with different surface treatments, laser processes, several steps of punching and controlling processes. Being a supplier to the iPhone 4S is a mark of our strong competitiveness and we can live up to extreme demands on complexity, high quality and flexible manufacturing capacity. We know that we are one of the most competitive suppliers within this area in China and also worldwide, says Mikael Andersson, Business Area Manager at Lesjöfors China.  

New thinking streamlines production
Several innovations and new solutions have been developed in order to decrease cost and increase capacity. The production is running smooth and the delivered volumes are even higher than what was initially guaranteed.
- This shows once again that our business model has proven successful and we can run the production cheaper and more efficient by using our wide range of professional and hard controlled subcontractors, says Mikael Andersson.

Expanded capacity allows more customers
Lesjöfors´ success in China has lead to further investments in press capacity and laser technology. And even if the high-volume project with the iPhone 4S will continue for a long period ahead, Lesjöfors still has capacity to take on more projects.

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Contact information
Mikael Andersson
Business Area Manager
E-mail: mikael.andersson@lesjoforsab.com
Tel: +86 186 512 259 68

David Qu
E-mail: david.qu@lesjoforsab.com
Tel: +86 139 150 358 37

Adress: No 22 Tianshan Road, New district of Changzhou, 213032 Changzhou China



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