Lesjöfors develops tool for Ericsson invention

2012-01-23 A whole new way of producing so-called "honeycombs" that improves the ventilation of electronic modules has been developed by Ericsson. In close cooperation, Lesjöfors has developed a unique tool for bending of the steel strip material used.

In order to improve the ventilation of electronic modules where electromagnetic shielding is required, so-called "honeycombs" are often used. Honeycombs are a lightweight structure made of steel material, shaped hexagonal, which provides superior ventilation properties. Air permeability is 95 percent compared to 55-60 percent for traditional perforated sheet. Ericsson has recently developed a new method for bending the material, which ultimately streamlines the manufacturing process.

Design and manufacturing of prototype tools
For many years, Ericsson has established working relations with Lesjöfors in various development projects. It was therefore natural for Ericsson to use Lesjöfors as a development partner for the tool concept for the new honeycomb manufacturing method. The cooperation is unusual, because Ericsson owns the patent and Lesjöfors knowledge and capacity for the bending technology.
- In March 2009 the first contact was taken, so the process has been long and we have been a speaking partner from the beginning. We started out with a pre-study in which opportunities and problem areas were analyzed. Then we developed two prototype tools, one small-scale tool and one for production of full-scale prototypes, says Marcus Hartvigsson, Project Manager at Lesjöfors in Värnamo.

Attractive solution for other industries
The new manufacturing method has already attracted considerable interest. Several companies from different industries have inquired about the new technology after an article in Swedish technology journal Ny Teknik.
- We see great business potential in this. There are many industries where honeycombs are already used for the phenomenal ventilation and shielding properties. The problem is that manufacturing today is relatively expensive. We are now working towards a competitive production concept compared to traditional methods of manufacture, says Marcus Hartvigsson.

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