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2010-03-25 With Lesjöfors´ technical expertise and flexible capacity in the manufacturing processes, there are great potentials to customize production after your needs and demands. This applies to all our business areas.

Lesjöfors´ standard assortment of springs is of course one of the core businesses, which offers a wide selection and fast deliveries. Equally important, is the option of tailor-made solutions of springs and pressings when special-needs are demanded. Lesjöfors´ highly skilled staff is experienced in complex calculations and advanced technical solutions. This, combined with modern, flexible manufacturing processes at all production units, gives perfect conditions for new, innovative products.

Development projects in close cooperation
A good example of an advanced special-made solution is the spring that was made for a check valve for British company Goodwin International Ltd. The check valve was to be used in an oil refinery in Qatar. The spring, which was produced from a very expensive super alloy, measured impressive 24.4 millimeters in wire diameter. Lesjöfors is one of few spring suppliers in the world that has special knowledge and capability to manufacture such a high-quality spring in an extremely large dimension. Read the story behind the “super spring”.

Another successful development project was the close cooperation between Tour & Andersen (TA) and Lesjöfors in Herrljunga, Sweden. A sophisticated compression spring was one of the most critical components in the new generation of high-performance balance and control valves, a business where TA is the market leader. Lesjöfors also developed a customized packaging system to protect the sensitive components. Learn more about the development of the compression spring.

Find out how Norwegian lighting equipment producer Glamox and Lesjöfors found a new solution to improve a component for one of the company´s light fittings and at the same time lower the production cost.  

Contact Lesjöfors with your development issues
A new development project is characterized by perceptiveness for the customer´s needs and demands and a cost-awareness to always produce the best possible product to the right price. Göran Andersen, Senior Advisor at Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjädrar tells about how an inquiry can be done:
- If you already have an established contact with Lesjöfors´ staff, consult him or her in the first place. Your request will then be forwarded to the most suitable unit in the group with the best expertise and capacity for your specific construction and production issue.  

If you are a new customer in Sweden, contact Lesjöfors Sales at +46 8 445 88 88 or by e-mail: Customers in other Nordic countries, contact the specific Lesjöfors office in your country:

Norway: +47 22 90 57 00, e-mail:
Finland: +35 8 22 76 14 00, e- mail:
Denmark: +45 46 95 61 00, e- mail:

Customer outside of Scandinavia? Contact information for your country is found here.



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