Lesjöfors´ nail shield protects pipes in walls

2009-12-09 A system that prevents damage on water and gas pipes in walls at carpenter work has been developed. The nail shield makes the constructing process safer and more effective.

In European countries such as Norway, it´s common with gas heated houses, where gas and water pipes, along with electricity cables, run inside the walls. For e.g. fitting carpenters it can be difficult to know where exactly the pipes and cables are placed when the walls are up and painted. This means an immediate risk for damaged pipes so that a leakage of water or gas happens, which can be expensive in repair costs and delays.

Nail shield in hardened steel material  
Norwegian carpenter Geir Magnar Skjold has in a collaboration with Lesjöfors developed a nail shield, that protects the sensitive pipes with a hardened steel material in exposed areas. The steel material is just 1 mm thick, but can stand up to 4 inch nails from a nail gun.

Product development close to the industry
Uponor, one of Europes leading material to the building, heating and sanitation industry, took part in the development process. The nail shield is now in Uponor´s permanent assortment.
- The nail shield is a very effective product, developed close to the users in the industry, which makes sure a very high quality and user-friendly product, says Göran Andersen, product manager for the nail shield at Lesjöfors Springs in Vällingby.    



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