Local presence with wide and deep expertise create clever spring solutions

2014-06-25 The Lesjöfors Group continues to perform well. So far in 2014 we see growth in virtually all markets. Especially the German market is developing well, driven by the strong automotive industry. The potential in China also remains strong.

Lesjöfors has since the beginning of 2000s built a broad expertise in manufacturing in China. Initially the focus was on pressings, mainly for mobile phones and telecom. Now business has expanded with development capacity with very short lead times for tools. A stable, well-developed network of suppliers is available for different surface treatments and other procedures. Over the years, our business has gradually grown to also include conventional wire springs.

Individual solutions for all spring requirements in China
Lesjöfors in China has currently about 250 employees who are operating 16 pressing processes and several machines for spring production. In addition, there are also resources for e.g. laser welding. The main objective is to assist European customers with spring production according to their needs in China. Lesjöfors takes complete responsibility for the localization of production and ensures that the products work according to the specified conditions.
“We welcome all discussions about your local needs in China of springs and pressings. Both large and small volumes can be handled, based on your specific needs”, states Kjell-Arne Lindebäck, CEO for the Lesjöfors Group.

Innovation and competence
Lesjöfors has won many new, interesting projects where unique engineering solutions have been the foundation for success. Innovation capabilities combined with expertise are important basic conditions for optimal product solutions. A solution for a product can vary greatly, depending on the supplier's skills. In several cases, the spring can be designed with half the material consumption compared to a conventional product solution thanks to a special solution.
“We look forward to assist you with competitive products and the earlier we get into the process the more efficient procedure. The network of competence which we continuously develop within the Lesjöfors Group enables that the best expertise always is available wherever the customer may be. We learn from each other and take maximum advantage of the cutting edge expertise that we possess, says Kjell-Arne Lindebäck.

The spotlight on the American market
Lesjöfors has the ambition to continue to grow by presence in markets that are of interest to the customer companies. Now attention is focused westwards, Kjell-Arne Lindebäck reveals:
- Our growth ambition is strengthened and we are now looking for opportunities for additional acquisitions also in North and South America, where a strong need is expressed by various existing customers.

The Lesjöfors Group wants to thank all customers for a superior cooperation and we wish you all a relaxing summer!

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