Prestigious spring project with Turkey´s largest company

2015-02-02 Lesjöfors Tinglev in Denmark has entered a fruitful cooperation with Turkey´s largest company Arcelic, a world manufacturer of white goods and electronics. In 2015 high-quality compression springs will be delivered to Arcelik´s compressor factory in Turkey.

Arcelik is Turkey´s largest manufacturer of white goods, electronics, heating and cooling systems as well as small appliances. Arcelik is also the largest company in the country with 25 000 employees and 14 manufacturing facilities in five countries (Turkey, Romania, Russia, China and South Africa). The head office is located in Istanbul and the group includes well-known brands as Arcelik, Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, ElektraBregenz, Artic, Leisure, Flavel, Dufy and Altus.

Uniform quality and high capacity
Arcelik has very high quality standards with demands on every subcontractor to deliver uniform quality on all components as well as capacity for high-volume production. Lesjöfors came in contact with the company in 2012 and has quoted both tension springs and compression springs. After delivering prototypes and a competitive offer Lesjöfors was chosen as one of two suppliers. The production of compression springs starts in 2015 and the deliveries go to Arcelik´s compressor factory in Turkey.
“We have experienced Lesjöfors Tinglev as a competent supplier, with great knowledge of springs for the compressors. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation”, says Ezgi Akkaya, Purchaser at Arcelik.

Prestigious order
Lesjöfors Tinglev is of course very pleased with the business deal.
“We are very happy for this prestigious order of high-qualitative compressor springs to a world player like Arcelik. A contributing reason for chosing Lesjöfors Tinglev was that we since many years are a globally well-known and respected spring supplier for hermetic compressors”, says Kim Holm, Key Account Manager at Lesjöfors Tinglev.

The Complete Spring Supplier
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