Manufacturing in many countries provides great opportunities worldwide

2015-07-03 Lesjöfors continues the strong expansion and anticipates total sales this year in order of about
SEK 2 billion (EUR 206 million). Currently, production facilities are available at  21 factories that can provide excellent support to customers worldwide.

Many of Lesjöfors’ customers have discovered the great potential that purchases at the local markets the companies operate in gives. Currently, Lesjöfors offers manufacturing in countries such as Latvia, Slovakia, China and Mexico/the US, where a large number of projects currently are undertaken in close cooperation with customers. There is still capacity, however, in all companies to conduct more, advanced projects and therefore new requests are always welcome. Great opportunities are consequently provided to broadening the operations, especially in China and Mexico/the US.
“You can be rest assured that we have implemented the level of quality and technology required, and ensure that supplies and service work the same way as in all Lesjöfors companies. Please get in touch with your contact person in the group if you want to know more and explore the opportunities available that can be adopted to your needs”, says Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, CEO of the Lesjöfors Group.

Efficient production in North America
The recently conducted acquisition in the United States and Mexico has greatly strengthened Lesjöfors offering of power springs. Custom designed machines with high productivity and the manufacturing site in Mexico offers many opportunities for competitive offers. For more information about products see each product category in the web menu above.

Continuous competence and technology development
Overall, Lesjöfors probably provides the market's strongest offering in the spring area and can as a complete supplier support customers regardless of which countries they operate in. Initiatives and investments continue with the clear objective to offer the best quality and service within the spring business. The best conditions are obtained if Lesjöfors gets involved in the development process at an early stage. It provides opportunities for optimized spring solutions regarding performance and cost. There are several successful cases described in the news feed section on our web page.
“We are ready for new challenges, so do not hesitate to contact us. Our technicians are now located at more than 25 places worldwide and thanks to our strong network of expertise, you are guaranteed innovative solutions to all your spring requirements. Lesjöfors´ core business is springs where we will stay faithful. We have an absolute focus on improving our field by ensuring that we always have the best skills and techniques available to provide the best customer service”, says Kjell-Arne Lindbäck.

Finally, we want to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for the good cooperation and wish you all a great summer!

The Complete Spring Supplier
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