Wave Springs

Multi-coil Wave Springs are made from flat-rolled spring wire that is coiled to a helical shape and the coils are at the same time given a sinus shaped wave form. The force-deflection relation is created by flattening out the wave form when the spring is compressed. The function is hence like a helically shaped leaf spring.

A wave spring suits perfectly in applications where a small installed length is required. For small strokes, the length of a multi-coil wave springs is lower than for conventional helical compression springs. For some requirements, this can reduce installed length by up to 50%.

We have a standard stock of wave springs that satisfy the majority of requirements. However, if you need a customized spring with specific dimensions, material etc. we are ready to assist you in designing the most optimal spring solution.



Outer spring diameter 9-250 mm

Special versions and special dimensions are available after individual consultation.


Our Lesjöfors sales contacts co-ordinate all your contacts within our organization and thereby rationalize your purchase process.

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