Torsion Springs – or helical torsion springs – is the most common spring type when torque is desired together with a rotating movement. The active part is a helical coil of spring wire and the ends (legs) are designed to allow for the introduction of the torque and fit with the abutments of the application.

Many applications require two similar springs, but with one right-hand coiled and one left-hand coiled. In some cases, these two springs can be combined into a double spring, which has one right and one left-hand coiled spring body connected to each other.

Material grades are the same as for compression springs, covering the whole range from normal spring steel to nickel alloys, titanium alloys and copper alloys. We cold coil the springs up to wire diameter 18 mm and hot coil for thicker material. Material with a square cross section is sometimes required to cope with the requirements.



Wire diameter 0.15 mm and upwards. Maximum dimension depending on leg shape.

Customized versions and bespoke dimensions are possible after individual consultation.


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