Compression springs is the most common type of springs. The majority of compression springs are cylindrical and linear, but to this group belongs also conical, barrel shaped, tapered out ends and more. The design can be adjusted to fulfill a wide range of requirements concerning spring characteristic.

We provide both stock springs and bespoke springs. Material grades covers the whole range from normal spring steel to nickel alloys, titanium alloys and copper alloys. We cold coil springs up to wire diameter around 18 mm and hot coil for larger springs.

Our maximum bar diameter for hot coiling is 65 mm. The conditioning processes – heat treatment, shot peening and presetting – are adapted according to the requirements. We offer different surface treatments for corrosion resistance or desired visual appearance.



Wire diameter 0.15 up to 65 mm (hot coiling above 18 mm)
Outer diameter up to 550 mm, free length up to around 1300 mm

Special versions and special dimensions are available after individual consultation.


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