Terms of deliveries

The Lesjöfors Group is supplying its customers delivered from our UK companies according to;

Terms and Conditions

Regarding the terms for other companies we work according to NL17, download from Teknikföretagens Web site

Outside of the Nordic countries we supply according to ORGALIME S 2012. These can be sent to you upon request.

Please note separate terms of deliveries for the following companies within the Lesjöfors Group; Tribelt, DeSpiraal, European Springs and Pressings, Velleuer, Stumpp + Schüle and S&P Federnwerk. These separate terms of deliveries can be received from each company.

If a delivery clause has been agreed upon, it must be interpreted in accordance with the inclusive agreement regarding INCOTERMS®. If no delivery clause has been specifically agreed upon, delivery shall be made to the FCA at the location determined by the salesman.

Vibration in the Öresund bridge. Lesjöfors found a solution.
Compression spring reference
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