Spring solutions and other services

Lesjöfors offers a number of services over and above our standard range. The goal is to be able to help our customers right spring solutions through the entire process. From the tendering and calculation stages via production to sub assemblies.

Spring seminars

We hold spring seminars which focus on product areas that are relevant for the specific customer. We can hold these seminars anywhere, they could be on the customer's site in a conference room, in a conference centre etc.

These seminars are free of charge for our existing customers, and customers whose development projects we are actively participating in.

Problem solving, prototypes and verification of design results

If necessary, the personnel at Lesjöfors can of course offer spring solutions, preparation of prototypes and verification of results through various tests. One strength is that we normally have a large number of different types and dimensions of spring materials in stock at one of our factories. In this way, the lead time can generally be kept very short, from drawing to prototype.


Lesjöfors uses several different types of production systems, which are optimised for different types of springs and different order structures. A high level of automation for small product variations and large production runs, or less sophisticated tools and shorter setting times for greater product variations and smaller order sizes. We do, of course, have access to the best spring machinery on the market.

Sub assemblies

If our components are included as a vital component, we can offer to do the sub assemblies in many cases. Our Latvian factory, in particular, has excellent resources for doing efficient sub assemblies of small batches.


When we have a contract as the basis for our relationship with our customers, we can also offer to do storage on our site. Lesjöfors prefers to see that an EDI system is used for call-off, advice and invoicing, but this is subject to discussion between the parties.


Lesjöfors handles requests for tender in the order that they arrive. It should normally not take longer than three days to receive the answer to an enquiry. If there is an express need to receive a tender faster - just let us know and we will fix it!

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