1. What designations should be used for spring materials?

Spring materials has been standardised by ISO, ASTM, EN, JIS, DIN, BS etc. In addition, many companies also have their own standards. Please ask Lesjöfors for help in selecting suitable material.

2. Is stainless steel non-magnetic?

No. Stainless steel is not non-magnetic. There are some special grades of stainless material that are classified as being non-magnetic. Lesjöfors can give you more details about their magnetic properties.

Concrete examples

Lesjöfors would like to show some good examples of how we have helped customers to reduce the number of suppliers, optimise component design, select the optimum material, choose the right surface treatment, have suggested a packaging solution and given constructive suggestions for production improvements. Read more under the left menu.

Automotive aftermarket

Automotive has its own web site. Follow this link to visit them.

FAQ Automotive Aftermarket

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