Other product types

Lesjöfors can also supply the following product types that are not represented in our standard range:

Gas springs with dynamic damping

A longitudinal groove on the inside of the cylinder controls extension speed and can be adapted for various movement requirements. One advantage with dynamic damping is that braking of the stroke can be achieved without the piston rod pointing downwards.


In this product, the cylinder is filled with oil and can, for example, be used to slow down a falling hatch or other components that must be dampened during movement.

Lockable gas springs type RLC

This lockable gas spring has a fixed, high locking force in compression. An RLC is suitable when you want to have solid locking of designs, where heavier loads may occur in the direction of compression of the gas spring. Common applications are hospital beds for heavier patients, massage tables, and the like.

Lockable gas springs type EL

A lockable gas spring type EL is suitable in cases where you want to have an energy absorbing function in both directions. One typical application is furniture, where you want to achieve sprung comfort.

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