Slovakian trainee program for recruiting young technicians

A new form of trainee program has been implemented in Slovakia to increase the numbers of technical skilled workers. Lesjöfors company Centrum B* has in 2017 employed young workers who will combine a technical education with internship in the company.

Myjava, Slovakia – In Slovakia, the industrial sector is developing very well and a lot of companies are expanding thanks to a large number of investors. Now the country is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. This applies especially to the Myjava region in the western part of Slovakia where the Lesjöfors company Centrum B is situated. In this region, the unemployment rate is only 3.2% which means that practically all productive people are employed already.

To increase the work force of people with higher education, a new dual education system has been implemented, where young people combine education with internship in companies. Companies who take on this program get a tax reduction of up to EUR 3,200 per year and employee.

Awareness from the Slovakian president

The program of dual education is recognized by the Slovakian government. When the announcement of the program was done in Myjava, the event was hosted by a most prominent guest; the president of the Slovak Republic Mr. Andrej Kiska. The importance of increasing technical expertise among young citizens is seen as a key factor for the country´s future growth.

The outcome is a fully trained employee

In 2017, Centrum B has employed nine young graduates of secondary technical school, and two who will combine studies and internship during the coming last year of their studies. In September 2018, four new trainees will start the program. They will spend half the time at school and the other half at the company. Thanks to this combination the students get to know the working environment, the team and get a deep knowledge of the manufacturing process in the company. The program takes three or four years to complete and the outcome for the company is a fully trained and highly skilled employee that hopefully can work as a skilled operator.

“We believe that this way of getting young specialists for our company is most promising and we have a long-term commitment and are prepared to further develop the concept if necessary to secure our future workforce demands“, says Ján Mačuha, MD of Centrum B.

(* From January 1 2018 the company name Centrum B is changed to Lesjöfors Slovakia s.r.o.)

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