New warehouse and coiling machine expands capacity in Nordmarkshyttan

Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Nordmarkshyttan, Sweden has recently invested in both a new warehouse and in leading-edge machinery. The Wafios machine strengthens production capacity considerably for torsion springs with complex geometries.

Nordmark, Sweden – The factory in Nordmarkshyttan manufactures both torsion springs and wire forms for large as well as smaller customers. A growing demand of the company’s products has brought the need for larger warehouse and production facilities. The new 400 square meters building that was taken into use last summer, is providing a large warehouse and has also resulted in a better organized and spacious production area.

Faster and more complex production

In December, Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar invested in a new Wafios FMU 50 machine, which is a highly competent universal torsion spring coiling machine. The new machine further extends capacity in the wire range Ø1.80 mm to Ø5.0 mm and is equipped with a linear stroke unit with 700 mm range. The 4.5 MSEK investment enables the factory to enhance production speed and expand the manufacturing capacity for longer parts.  

Equipped for demanding projects

In the same period, Lesjöfors in Nordmarkshyttan also invested in a shot peening equipment specialized for stainless steel parts as well as in a new rotary vibrator.
“With more space and state-of-the-art machinery, we are well-equipped to take on more complex and challenging projects”, says Jan-Eric Nordh, MD of Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Nordmarkshyttan.

Applications where the torsion springs are used are e.g. in paper mills, the industrial segment, automotive components, offshore equipment and many more.

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