Lesjöfors intensifies CSR work with new five-year goals

Since many years, Lesjöfors works effortlessly within the field of environmental, ethical and social responsibility in close collaboration with our owner company Beijer Alma. The group is now setting new goals for the coming five-year period with an even bigger focus on sustainability.

Karlstad, Sweden – Lesjöfors has long-term strategies to achieve profitable growth where sustainability is a major key factor. The whole Beijer Alma group, where Lesjöfors is included, is a signatory to the UN Global Compact where we are committed to follow the ten basic principles for a sustainable development.

Many activities within the group

The main part of Lesjöfors’ manufacturing units are certified according to ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 9001 (quality). Most of them have also reached the standard for the automotive business, IATF 16949. Every unit has its own detailed goals and action plans based on ISO 14001 which they continuously follow up. Below is a selection of goals that Lesjöfors companies have accomplished:

More electric cars – internal company car guidelines encourage employees to choose an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Reduced paper consumption – Lesjöfors in Tinglev, Denmark has implemented digital invoicing and other administrative routines to reduce the amount of paper.

Energy-efficiency objectives – Lesjöfors Banddetaljer, Sweden, has installed new, more efficient furnaces that also have a reduced environmental impact and energy usage.

Routines for waste handling – S & P Federnwerk in Germany has developed procedures for its waste management and invested in new environmental stations to simplify chemicals management.

More efficient energy consumption – Lesjöfors in Latvia has conducted an energy audit and prepared a plan for increased energy efficiency to reduce emissions. The company has also enhanced its efficiency when it comes to handling natural gas, which is an important step to cut emissions.

Cleaner air – Lesjöfors China has invested in more optimized production spaces to simplify their operation . They have also installed new treatment equipment, which has improved the air quality around the plant’s furnaces.

Improved risk analysis – John While Springs & Solutions in Asia advanced its positions in the 2018 risk analysis, mainly in terms of the company’s chemicals management.

Social commitment – in collaboration with a local job center, Lesjöfors in Bröndby, Denmark, provides internships for unemployed people in order to introduce them to industrial workplaces.

New goals well anchored in the local business

In 2019, Lesjöfors has started the process of setting new sustainability goals for 2019-2023. The new objectives are to be even more ambitious with goals well anchored in the everyday operations. Hence, all production units are deeply involved in the process. In a questionnaire, the units have identified goals, the most important areas for improvements as well as necessary investments to reach these goals.

Peter Rosenqvist, manager for quality and environment within the Lesjöfors Group comments on the process:
“In the upcoming months the answers will be analyzed in the spotlight of existing regulations as well as demands from customers and the surrounding society. We will do our utmost to put more focus on these questions to do our share in reducing the negative impact in our field of the society.”

Lesjöfors will present the new sustainability goals by the end of October.

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