Lesjöfors status covid-19

Lesjöfors’ management team continuously review the situation across our business, and take actions accordingly.

Impact of the pandemic and what actions we are taking

The Covid-19 outbreak has an unprecedented impact on individuals, society and business.

Lesjöfors is taking action with a view to:

  • protect the health and safety of our employees by minimizing the risk of spread of infections between our employees,
  • thereby also contributing to reducing the rate of transmission in the society,
  • at the same time, maintain our production to help protect the operations of our customers and suppliers, the jobs of our employees.


Lesjöfors’ management team continuously reviews the situation across our business, and take actions accordingly. Measures include travel bans, restricted access to facilities, strict hygiene protocols, changed shift forms and other measures to reduce contact between employees such as working from home if possible, etc.

Below, we list our status regarding the impacts of our group and we will update the information on a regular basis.


  • Production and deliveries are running in our manufacturing plants.
  • All sales and support functions are operating.
  • Increased absence rates at some production plants, mainly due to school closures. Tasks have been rearranged. No significant impact on scheduled production.

In case there is any impact on deliveries, we will notify customers individually.

// Ola Tengroth, CEO