Gas springs

Lesjöfors' conventional type gas springs can be used in many applications.

Typical areas of use include controlled opening and closing of hatches and hoods. But they can be equally adept at controlling complete equipment such as ventilation apertures, chairs, beds, windows, tools and machinery - the list can be made very long.

Even really heavy units can be lifted by hand, with the aid of gas springs.

Our standard range of conventional (pushing) type gas springs includes:

  • Over 800 different items
  • Forces from 10 to 2000 N
  • Strokes from 20 to 500 mm
  • Varieties as per below

Gas spring

Gas springs, threaded

Gas springs Welded loop

Gas springs, welded loops 

Stainless gas spring 

Gas springs, stainless steel

Gas spring with gas reducing valve

Gas springs with force reduction

Furniture gas springGas springs for furniture applications

Gas spring with safety lock

Gas springs with safety lock 



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