Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK sharpens the focus on a rapidly growing market

Lesjöfors is launching a new company, rebranding its two former European Springs & Pressings factories in Cornwall. The factories will now form a new company called Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK.

The rebrand is part of a new division, focusing on growth and significant investment in the heavy springs sector across the synergised specialisms, product range and industries served within the Lesjöfors heavy coiling sites in the UK, Finland and Sweden.

Strong demand

The UK company has achieved a record-breaking order book over the last year; sales are up 35 percent, the workforce by 40 percent and a new annual turnover record at £15m. In 2022, Lejöfors Heavy Springs will invest £1 million in new machinery. The team, propelled with investment support by Lesjöfors AB, are behind the excellent performance.

Ola Tengroth, CEO of Lesjöfors AB says:

“As part of our global long-term future-focused growth strategy, the heavy springs sector has been identified as one of four key expansion areas and the Cornwall sites evolution, to a new Lesjöfors brand, is a natural fit for the company’s future.”

A unified heavy springs division

The new company and new name reflect a unified team under the Lesjöfors brand and the world-leading springs the group manufacture for customers across the automotive, rail, agriculture, oil, mining, construction and energy sectors across the world.

Michael Gibbs, Managing Director of the newly formed Lesjöfors company says:

“We’re evolving for our customers; enhancing efficiencies, committing more investment and moving forward, together with our heavy spring colleagues in Finland and Sweden, as a progressive and competitive global global design, manufacturing and technological development network.”

About Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK

Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK, based in Cornwall, are world-leaders in heavy spring manufacture, delivering the greatest expertise in large diameter compression, torsion and tension spring manufacturing.

Market leading solution providers, committed to manufacturing excellence, reliability and customer service, they specialise in industrial and automotive spring components and sit alongside sister sites in Sweden and Finland as a global design, manufacturing and technological development network dedicated to service, quality and accuracy, coiling wire from 3mm to 65mm diameter.

Their spring components are used across multiple sectors in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

European Springs & Pressings will continue its manufacturing operations in Kent.

Lesjöfors AB