Metal Belts

We are for metal conveyor belts, safety shields, architectonic mesh and other applications of woven metal wire and strip steel, the right place to come to.

Metal Conveyor Belts suitable for numerous applications

Many industries are using metal conveyor belts for transportation of products in and out of different processes. Lesjöfors offers a wide spectrum of metal belts for many applications.

Highly specialized manufacturing

The Dutch Lesjöfors company Tribelt specializes in developing and manufacturing metal conveyor belts. For more than 70 years, the company has solved problems for customers in many different fields across Europe. We also manufacture sprockets, customized for the design and in the number your application require, its’ tension forces and surrounding environment.

Support through the whole process

Thanks to many years of experience and specialized manufacturing skills in metal conveyor belts, we serve our customers through the whole process with advice, design, customization and first-class support. We are proud to offer a tender within 24 hours in most cases.

Rapid service and support

Time is money and production stoppages can be costly. Our high-quality metal conveyor belts are very reliable, but sometimes problems occur along the way that must be solved. We are only a phone call away for service and support that can avoid a long disruption.

Markets where metal belts are used

  • Food industry – bread/bakery, vegetables/fruit, meat/fish/pre-heated meals etc.
  • Solar and thermprocesses
  • Packaging industry
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Design and safety
  • Other applications

The metal conveyor belt are sometimes also named metal belt, wire belt, transportation belt, endless belt, cooling belt or oven belt.

For enquiries about our metal conveyor belts, please get in touch with your regular Lesjöfors contact.

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